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Snowsport for Sheffield are a working group of professional individuals; with a passion to see the resurgence of Sheffield as the innovating and leading centre for snowsport in the UK.

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Our key objectives

Snowsport Centre for the UK

Re-establish Sheffield as the Snowsport Centre for the UK.

Next generation of Olympic

Create a platform for the next generation of Olympic hopefuls by encouraging talent and making snowsport accessible to all.

Training facility

Establish the UK's first multi-sport freestyle training facility.

City of Sport

Cement Sheffield's place as the 'City of Sport', by working in partnership with existing facilities to create a Centre of Excellence.

Local community & economy

Provide a sustainable positive effect on the local community and economy.

Our supporters

Andy Bennett

Andy won the Verbier and Saas-Fee Ride as well as the British Championships several times in Big Air, Slopestyle and Halfpipe.

Becky Hammond

Becky is one of the UK’s top freestyle skiers and has been a massive part of the recent boom in women’s slopestyle and half-pipe in the run up to the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

Dom Harington

Olympian Dom Harington is one of the UK’s most successful half pipe riders, winning 4 British Championship titles.

Ed Blomfield

Editor of Whitelines Snowboard Magazine.

Ed Leigh

BBC snowboard correspondent, commentator and tall story teller who loves a roll, slide and a kick.

Mr Motivator

Derrick Errol Evans, better known as "Mr. Motivator", is a Jamaican-born British exercise instructor.

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Get sheffield back skiing
Andy ross - Jun 2015
Sheffield is a shambles, they don't realise a good thing when it's put in front of them!!!
Liam Mcgahon - Jun 2015
Bring back Ski Vilkage !!!
Dannielle - Jun 2015
Love to see ski village up and running again!!
Abigail - Jun 2015
Would definitely benifit Sheffield
Charlotte Wasden - Jun 2015
I learnt to ski at the centre and firmly believe it should be rebuilt as a rival to the indoor snow domes!
Paul Marsh - Jun 2015

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