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A snow sport centre returning to Sheffield would be fantastic for the city, for the sport enthusiasts, the people of Sheffield and potential Winter Sports international level competitors from the local area!
Ben Green - Dec 2016
bring the slops back ...awesome place to learn
christian harris - Dec 2016
Rebirth for the ski village
Ben - Dec 2016
Have skiied here many times, Needs snow though not artificial as we are living in the modern world !
Phil Pickles - Dec 2016
Ski Instructor fully supporting the future of Snow sports in Sheffield. please keep in contact
Helen Frost - Dec 2016
So many people learned at Sheffield, including me, my boys, &olympic talent like woodsy..... many fun hours there, such a waste
John thompson - Dec 2016
sheffield ski village has and will always be the hub for snow sports in the UK. Many have learnt there and it holds some amazing memories from the snowboard community.
Lee radford - Nov 2016
Would be great to see it reopen. A potential fantastic resource for the city & region
Tom Finnemore - Nov 2016
I loved skiing here as a child, would be great for my children to be able to enjoy it too....
Katie McPhillie - Nov 2016
Reopen it, it was a very important facility in the region.
Nathan Croucher - Oct 2016
Please open it again! Such a great resource
Joshua Russell-Hobson - Oct 2016
my son learned to ski here, not been back to sheffield for a long time and returned recently and heard of the slopes demise in 2012 - gutted. Get this venue reopened !!
Rob Slater - Oct 2016
Learnt to board here, and tore my knee open. Still came back to finish my course. Would love to see it functioning again.
Matt Robinson - Oct 2016
Learnt to board here, Broke my arm here, great memories here
Chris Firth - Oct 2016
Hope they build something on it soon
Benedict - Aug 2016
To have a regeneration project with the Ski Village is imperative to the growth of the city. It will bring business back into the city centre which is much desired.
Ryan Cossar - Aug 2016
Bring back the ski village! The closet one to here is an hour away! Such a shame to see it on sheffields skyline in such decay, will be epic if we can get it to its former glory
Courtnay - Jul 2016
good luck sheffield ski centre
Kalum - Jul 2016
rebuild it come on
emil - Jul 2016
It's a part of sport in Britain that has been let down, fund better access, get voluntary work involved.
Adam Thomson - Jul 2016
Loved this place when once or twice when I was a kid brilliant place hope to see it back in the future
Josh - Jun 2016
should build it with real snow (indoor)
chris hayes - May 2016
need the ski village back
Sonia Biggin - May 2016
I absolutely agree with everything intended.
Jeremy Curtis - May 2016
I am in favour for the ski village to be rebuilt as it's such a waste and would be good for Sheffield.
Kerry - May 2016
Good luck with the project
James Gibson - May 2016
I learnt to board at the ski village and would love to see it back as the hub it used to be!
Tom - Apr 2016
The demise of the ski village has left a big hole in Sheffield UK outdoor capital credentials. It was such a big part of many people's lives in Sheffield and the surrounding areas and is sorely missed
Tom Burnham - Apr 2016
Get the slopes sorted.
Matthew Payton - Mar 2016
how good would this be as an attraction, now its an eyesore, rebuild it! and im australian, living in australia, why do brits wreck your own home?
nick - Mar 2016
I would love to see the ski slope in action again!
Fergus - Mar 2016
Must come back
Alex Dhawan - Mar 2016
Would love to have a skiing venue in Sheffield again! I am 16 now but I remember Ski Sheffield going down them hills, more younger people could get into this as I did! Hopefully more to come
Shelby Harding - Mar 2016
should have been listed
Robert A Lewis - Mar 2016
Really want to see this happen!
Lewis Lambert - Mar 2016
Love the Sheffield piste!
Martina Marek - Feb 2016
who is now authorised to make any decision if a sponsor or anyone came along to inject any cash into the reopening of the ski slope is it the sheffield council
kevin brown - Feb 2016
For Sheffield to truly engage its past and future we Need to have a thriving ski centre AV
Jacqui Willis - Feb 2016
Lets make skiing available to all
Sally Jones - Feb 2016
Let's hope Sheffield Ski Village is back soon!
Andrzej Pietrzak - Feb 2016
Would love an option to snowboard locally rather than the current 1.30hr round trip to go to Xscape. Sheffield at the moment only has one ski equipment specialist store and the revival of the ski village could bring more stores/jobs/opportunities into the city. I would personally love to see the development of the snowboarding scene in my local communtiy
William Kestle - Feb 2016
We need this bringing back!
Scarlet Lee - Feb 2016
This place needs to be put back on the map
Stuart McMorris - Feb 2016
A sport which will compete with games consoles, needs re-opening in an ideal location.
jason jackson - Feb 2016
Ski village was one of Sheffield iconic places and mut be re build again
Mohamed Jamoum - Jan 2016
this was home to so many people let's put it back on the map!
Damian Klopp - Jan 2016
Shame on the council allowing the closure to continue they must re open and support the next generation of skiers
Laura potts - Jan 2016
Sheffield needs this!
george irons - Jan 2016
Unique opportunity to create a snow sport centre of excellence. Where are the visionaries? Where are the entrepreneurs? Thank goodness people still care.
Steph Akers - Jan 2016
Keep Going on!!!
Hagen Rausch - Jan 2016
I hope this gets re-opened as it's in a sorry state right now.
Matt - Jan 2016
Please do this
Daniel Skate - Jan 2016
The ski village needs to get rebuilt and re opened it was awesome and something needs to be done to get this re opened I wouldn't mind but a business man with the financial power to rebuild it would earn a fortune from it
Chris lawson - Jan 2016
This skislope was one of the greatest assets Sheffield had it's loss and the failure to rebuild the fantastic facilities is a crime. (But probably not the most serious crime associated with the whole sorry affair). What a loss to the people and pride of Sheffield.
Roger Cardwell - Jan 2016
I rode and worked at the ssv for over 5 years.
Brad Macca - Jan 2016
Emotional seeing the place the way it is now. Would be incredible to have it open again.
Max Proudfoot - Jan 2016
Dry ski slopes were how I got hooked. Loved Sheffield's - good luck bringing it back!
Marek Isalski - Jan 2016
Incredible place, a huge part of Sheffield, generates Olympians. bring it back!
Steven Fletcher - Jan 2016
Wonderful place which needs reigniting.
Jonty Wild - Jan 2016
It would be an excellent way to get the people of Sheffield active. Additionally it would provide an excellent tourist attraction to benefit the local economy.
Brett Baker - Jan 2016
I learnt how to board at Sheffield in the early 90s, tues & sun evenings were the best fun ever, the boarding community was the best ever. Gutted to find out all these years later it fails to exist, good luck in your endeavors
Ann Wheeldon - Jan 2016
I love love to be able to ski and hate having to look so far to travel, we already have so many other sports, lets bring skiing back
Debbie Pearson - Dec 2015
This would put Sheffield on the map in teh snowsports scene. I used the slopes in the 90's and developed a passion for skiing because of it. I now want to bring my kids but have to venture to an indoor arena which just isn't the same, especially in the middle of a shopping centre.
Simon Haigh - Dec 2015
I had snowboarding here in my school days, I fell in love with snowboarding and continued to go to the Ski Village every weekend. It's a shame seeing the site in its current state, a place I and many others spent many hours of enjoyment is now derelict. The city has lost a great attraction but I hope to be on the slopes once more in the near future.
William Syked - Dec 2015
Such a great facility that deserves to be used. Also a potential major attraction for Sheffield.
Michael Rowlatt - Dec 2015
Sheffield needs snow-sport facilities, the Ski Village is sadly missed as there was and still is nothing like it in the area. I learned to snowboard in Sheffield, and would love to take my family to learn too. Fingers crossed this campaign is a success.
Marc Wallis - Nov 2015
My dad rode this halfpipe whenever he passed by Sheffield in the 90's was the only half-pipe in the uk, an all year round facility to "home-grow" & hone young talent.. without it we lose a lot of budding sportspeople & fitness. Bring it back!
Izzy Murdoch - Nov 2015
We've got climbing, hiking, cycling, ale, friendly people, now lets have the skiing.
Tom Bisiker - Nov 2015
Bring back our slopes! Never give up hope!
Alex Dhawan - Nov 2015
matthew boote - Nov 2015
Let us make Sheffield the best - bring back the ski slopes.
Dave Chilvers, Dronfield - Oct 2015
Great to have a good snow sports venue in the UK again.
Luke - Oct 2015
Fed up of having to travel to castleford all the time to snowboard, bring back the ski village!
Elizabeth Brittain - Oct 2015
Bring back Ski Village!!!
Alex Cunningham - Oct 2015
We are a sheffield based charity which would love to help get this back up and running!
Winter Sports Foundation - Oct 2015
The ski village MUST rise again.... what a massive shame that a facility of which Sheffield was justly proud was allowed to fall into such a dismal state. I was one of many thousands who enjoyed improving my ski techniques there.
Margaret Duke - Sep 2015
Get Sheffield skiing again, I'm all for it. My son would love to have some lessons
James Wraith - Sep 2015
Love to have a alternate boarding venue from the snow zone facilities.
Mark corkin - Aug 2015
I learned to ski here - what a waste of a first class facility
Linda Pope - Aug 2015
The plans for a real snow slope that got turned down years ago could have rescued this place a looooong time ago !.
iain simpson - Jul 2015
Lets get this fantastic facility back to the way it should's a crime just letting it rot away
Wendy Allsop - Jul 2015
Even after the latest fire - surely this great resource can be re-established. Would be such a wasted opportunity if the ski village is left as a wasteland.
Rachel Macrorie - Jul 2015
Miss ski village defo need to be bk up n running
Sara - Jul 2015
Bring back snow sports to Sheffield. It makes sense - especially if you combine it with Moungtain Biking.!!
Patrick Jackson - Jul 2015
It's where I learnt to board nearly 15 years ago
Steve Allen - Jul 2015
First time i put on a pair of skis was at Sheffield, as a school boy it gave me a taste of something that myself or my family might never have been able to afford to experience
Tom Leverton - Jul 2015
Come on investors, stakeholders etc... Make some jobs and let's get this space sorted for the snow sports to return to.
Sarah Stuart - Jul 2015
Went up to the old ski village last week such a shame to see the state of it after just three years!!
Thomas quinn - Jun 2015
Get sheffield back skiing
Andy ross - Jun 2015
Sheffield is a shambles, they don't realise a good thing when it's put in front of them!!!
Liam Mcgahon - Jun 2015
Bring back Ski Vilkage !!!
Dannielle - Jun 2015
Love to see ski village up and running again!!
Abigail - Jun 2015
Would definitely benifit Sheffield
Charlotte Wasden - Jun 2015
I learnt to ski at the centre and firmly believe it should be rebuilt as a rival to the indoor snow domes!
Paul Marsh - Jun 2015
Amazing place, gutted when it burnt down and would love it to come back so it can be enjoyed by everyone again
Ciaran tucker - Jun 2015
Will never forget the look on my mum's face as she came down the toboggan rung ace first. We should give all older people the opportunity to provide entertainment for others.
Anthony O'rourke - Jun 2015
As a family we ski once a year, we used to ski twice a week. Sheffield had the only half pipe in Britain the snodomes cannot recreate this type of feature. It helped many of our top snowsports athletes develop their skills, but above all was a fantastic friendly place for young people to have fun. A lot of money could be made by building housing on the site and no one should be homeless, but people need something todo as well as somewhere to live. if as a country wehow can it have been allowed to ing a
Philly Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Fergal Johnson, Alistair Johnson - Jun 2015
My sports mad daughter went to Sheffield to study for three reasons - Ponds Forge, Don Valley and the Ski Centre. Only one left now! Shame on you Sheffield.
Richard Spencer - Jun 2015
My children, who later reached the top of the dryslope rankings learned to ski here many moons ago. Shame to see it in such a state
Gwyneth Watson - Jun 2015
Lets bring the sport back to our City!
Katie Edge - Jun 2015
So we're the city with the most amount of outdoor equipment per household - yet we still have to travel to Manchester or Castleford to actually use it, driving past our own abandoned one?! Go figure
Tim Stevens - Jun 2015
The UK sports community needs this facility putting back togetherasap.
Jeff Hedley - Jun 2015
essential that we get the snow village up and running again.
robert scuffell - Jun 2015
Many great memories skiing here. Return it to its former glory!
Angus Fletcher - Jun 2015
Tracey Hastings Ward - Jun 2015
i love skiing
James cartlidge - Jun 2015
I have contacts with mountainhardwear would love to help !! Contact me by email
Justin barker - Jun 2015
We need this back!
Richard Jude - Jun 2015
I learnt to Skii and Snowboard here, I'm ultimately wanting to get back into the sports that I loved, This has to be one of the keys to putting Sheffield and snow sports back on the map. I'd also love to see Downhill MTB embraced as this too is a passion of mine! Fort William/Ben Nevis have nailed this, why can't Sheffield :D
Dan Cunningham - Jun 2015
Got to be done!
Natalie grimshaw - Jun 2015
Why not have a ski/snow sport and mountain bike centre?
J Budd - Jun 2015
learnt to ski here, skied here 3 times every week, loved it and it neads to re open
adrian hollingworth - Jun 2015
As a former worker at the ski village. and an avid snowboarder I believe Sheffield is the 'City of Sport'.
Darryl Curtis - Jun 2015
please bring it back
Gary creelman - May 2015
Apoyo desde españa para promover iniciativas como estas
Daniel Herrero Tamayo - May 2015
So sad to see the demise of the ski village, would be great to get it open again. Good luck!
Andy Wynne - May 2015
best idea in years, long live the ski village!
Philip Ellis - May 2015
Fingers crossed for snowsports
Debbie Pearson - May 2015
Benjamin Watson - May 2015
a shame it was never allowed to be developed and funded properly the first time.
Paul Aspin - May 2015
I learnt to snowboard in Sheffield, buy now have nowhere to practice but xscape in Castleford. Sheffield deserves better!
Christopher Riley - May 2015
Good luck
Rob Yip - May 2015
Bring back this centre for inspiration!
Nate Craig - May 2015
This needs to happen!! Come on Sheffield council sort it out
Paul Lockwood - May 2015
The future of the UKs snow sports needs this.
Jordan Vance - May 2015
snowsport for Sheffield
Julia - May 2015
Such a shame. I learnt to board here & it was fantastic. Forget the bars in the city centre & start renovating the outskirts that are getting delapidated
Jonathan Smith - May 2015
the people want it, need it and will grow from it! let's feed this passion in the Steel City and beyond
Kerry Wilson - May 2015
Agree, signed
Renata Kulak - May 2015
I would love to see the ski village reopened
G Knights-Cooper - May 2015
my whole family learnt to ski hear, I would love to have it back open so I can ski weekly again. I would also be willing to help clean up the site
Edward Denston - May 2015
No other venue has a view that makes you feel like you're actually on a hill. restore this place for the sake of youth obesity
Andrew Lupton - May 2015
Hell yeah!
Thomas Standley - May 2015
I learned here. Was buzzing place!
Stuart Horner - May 2015
SSV Is sacred to Sheffield! Develops talented British ski and snowboarders for the sport!!
Laura hepworth - May 2015
Do it!
Gavin Rafferty - May 2015
All snowsports efforts in the UK are worthy - let's make it happen.
Rob Flanders - May 2015
This would be good for tourism too. An urban sports quarter with MTb too.
Paul bennett - May 2015
This would be good for tourism too. An urban sports quarter with MTb too.
Paul bennett - May 2015
Andrew Walster - May 2015
Bring it back
Luke - May 2015
cool story bro
Josh Rhodes - May 2015
it would be great to have access to snowsports alot closer to home
eloise bunce - May 2015
For all those carpet burns and backflips. I had a lot of love for this place
Adam Senior - May 2015
We need this back!
Gary Whiteley - May 2015
I am signing to show my support of this cause - it's where I learnt to ski and then spent years snowboarding here too.
Amy McGuire - May 2015
We need this back!
Gary Whiteley - May 2015
We need this back!
Gary Whiteley - May 2015
sheffield needs this or somthing like the ski village back
Andrew Allison - May 2015
we need state of the art indoor ski facility back in Sheffield lottery money needed Asaph
Kieran toner - May 2015
Please bring snowsports back to Sheffield. The Ski Village was a fantastic location to snowboard, ski and meet friends.
Linda pipe - May 2015
lets get it reopened fantastic place
Mark Allison - May 2015
This is where I learned to snowboard. It will be great for the city to have a ski facility again.
Verity eyre - May 2015
Had the best school trip here a fair few years ago bring back the opportunity to learn and be active I say other children
tracy taylor - May 2015
my children learnt to ski & snowboard at the ski village. Such a shame we now have no facilities & have to travel to either Castleford or Manchester,
Toni howard - May 2015
this can only be a good thing for Sheffield. We have the institute of sport it should include snowsports
chris trueman - May 2015
sheffield as anything that is any good taken away, get snow sports back
claire norris - May 2015
sheffield as anything that is any good taken away, get snow sports back
claire norris - May 2015
i want my children to enjoy the same amazing facilities I did as a child. The old ski village brought people from all backgrounds together.
James Coath - May 2015
Fingers are crossed
D green - May 2015
Many a good memory
Julie - May 2015
Let's get snow sports back in sheffield
Louise cranstone - May 2015
this facility really needs to be brought back into the community for future Snowsports generations!
Nathan craig - May 2015
really want to see this come back! So many of our up and coming skiers started out here
Andrew Poodle - May 2015
This has so much potential!!
Mahala Debnam - May 2015
too many places like this are being lost. its been due to fire then it was left its sad and almost cruel to see. bring it back, give the people of sheffield something to be proud of
caroline smallman - May 2015
too many places like this are being lost. its been due to fire then it was left its sad and almost cruel to see. bring it back, give the people of sheffield something to be proud of
caroline smallman - May 2015
we want snowspoet centre
samuel darwin - May 2015
as a relative beginner who has caught the bug, a local venue to improve my skiing throughout they year and ro allow me to progress to the next level in this country would be highly valuable.
Callum Smith - May 2015
please bring the ski village back
alison - May 2015
This site needs to be rebuilt - it used to be such an asset to the city. currently it's just a blight on the sheffield horizon... very sad if its just left like that
Holly Measures - May 2015
seems a shame to let the ski village go to ruin when it's been the source of so many talented skiers and would be a fantastic asset for Sheffield..
Rachel Langley - May 2015
seems a shame to let the ski village go to ruin when it's been the source of so many talented skiers and would be a fantastic asset for Sheffield..
Rachel Langley - May 2015
Sheffield is a brilliant city and it would be great to re-establish it as the Snowsport centre in the UK.
Lyndsey Park - May 2015
Skied here for many years as a Shark, I was absolutely devastated when it got destroyed. We can bring about change, let's make it happen.
Timothy French - May 2015
It was such an amazing opportunity for kids in Sheffield to learn and experience
Terry-anne constable - May 2015
A few more and then lets get this party started
Mickity murphity - May 2015
I learnt to ski here as a child - good memories
David - May 2015
I learnt to ski there as a kid.
Simon Hibbert - May 2015
this place need to be revived as a snow sports centre of excellence to continue the good work of helping young talented people forfill there dreams of represting the UK as Olympians
Lee Angus - May 2015
Lest get the village back
David W - May 2015
Snow field of dreams - if you build it, they will come.
John Fleetham - May 2015
it should be a national treasure, not left in ruins
jen heath - May 2015
My son learned to ski at Ski Village other children should have the same opportunity
Alan Price - May 2015
Both my children learned to ski here and my daughter has been working for SkiLouise at Lake Louise in Canada for the past 2 years.
Lynne Hilson - May 2015
I skied there a few years back! Awesome experience. A shame what happened and yes it should return.
Francois Senecal Tremblay - May 2015
The skill village was once an amazing facility that made snowsports accessible.
Andy Tarr - May 2015
save the ski village
josh - May 2015
We need more places for young people to experience and train on snow for fun and for the Olympics
Anna Perotti - May 2015
Let's take the Ski Village back from the Developers
Jane Norburn - May 2015
It's a no-brainer - action now!
Pete Birch - May 2015
Bring back SSV!
James Slater - May 2015
Ski on
Sam Protheroe - May 2015
need more outdoor activities for kids, surely there's cash to help get people moving and fight the obesity epidemic.
Helen Vardy - May 2015
Miss skiing here, nice and cheap :)
Adam Hunt - May 2015
It is hard to understand why the Ski Village did not work - it was so popular. Sheffield needs a snowcentre.
Laurie Sorsby - May 2015
Why shouldn't Sheffield stay the city for sport, I would use the ski village far more regularly than driving to Castleford.
Matthias Davis - May 2015
Bring back the Ski village!
Jordan Garlick - May 2015
Bring it back!!!!
Abi Vedder - May 2015
Hope this works
David Kimber - May 2015
Yes! We need it back! I want my child
Jandia - May 2015
Yes! We need it back! I want my child
Jandia - May 2015
Bring it back!
Erika Quah - May 2015
Lets do this!
Tim Hull - May 2015
bring the pride back to Sheffield
Sam Clugston - May 2015
Bring it back with snow ontop!
Mark Edlington - May 2015
i remember seeing the ski village for miles and it was always a talking point whenever we could see it, we always looked out for people skiing on the slopes! Such a shame it's not there anymore it was always realllly busy!
Liam Jacobi - May 2015
this is just what sheffield needs!
Christian bates - May 2015
get lottery funding
Antony bunker - May 2015
Selina Peerbux - May 2015
Matthew gant - May 2015
Ski Sheffield was a truly national venue for skiing and snowboarding, bring it back home.
Richard Hobson - May 2015
I think this is a brilliant idea & it would be very beneficial for the Sheffield community.
Robert Harris - May 2015
Please and please re-open the Sheffield Ski Village! It would bring so much attention to the outsiders to see how beautiful Sheffield is.
Ahmad Tarmizi Abd Wahab - May 2015
Everybody- but especially our young people- need local activities they can access to keep healthy in body and mind
Nusrat ali - May 2015
Everybody- but especially our young people- need local activities they can access to healthy b
Nusrat ali - May 2015
this would change my life
James Armstrong - May 2015
bring ssv back!!
Daniel smith - May 2015
please bring back the ski village
Karen Roberts - May 2015
I used the ski village every Monday night for years. I have very fond memories of SSV
Emma Margison - May 2015
The UK needs a centre for excellence which can act as a feeder into snowsports which cannot be done in domes. Lets build on the legacy of Sochi and move forwards.
Richard Corney - May 2015
Long live SSV - revive the heartbeat!
Nicola Haywood-Alexander - May 2015
this is key infrastructure to ensure we continue to creare world class athletes in Sheffield
george taylor - May 2015
Working in the Ski Village's cafe was my first job. I loved skiing after work with my staff lift-pass! Who remembers those NY Sushi Big Bang parties?
Peter Gilbert - May 2015
Bring back sheffield ski village
Flo Brookes - May 2015
Snow slope for Sheffield
Lyn Otter - May 2015
David scott - May 2015
bring back the ski village. it helped produce Olympic athletes
Maxine Goodison - May 2015
Do not build houses on this site, it needs to be a sports & leisure complex again cementing Sheffield's great outdoor legacy!
Esther Shore - May 2015
Did my initial lessons at the Ski Village and am now an utter snow addict, was so glad to have been introduced to the sport and hope others in the area get the same opportunity without the need to travel miles to the regions other snow slopes.
Rix Hobbs - May 2015
Margaret Reed - May 2015
Redevelopment opportunity and huge potential forSheffield
Martin Mallat - May 2015
I learnt to ski on here. Real shame that it's not being renovated
James Utting - May 2015
I helped to build this place back in the early 90's and I would love to see it living again...
Andrew Eaton - May 2015
This is an essential redevelopment opportunity for Sheffield. There are no downsides, the site is currently a sad reminder of a glourious past. The potential for a positive impact on the local area is massive. Please make this happen.
Michael Trikic - May 2015
Rebuild the Ski Village and boost Sheffields local economy
adam smith - May 2015
Dryslope for the UK, people travelled from all over the country to shred the sheffield snowflex
Mike Begley - May 2015
Would be great to see this up and running again. Best of luck.
Damian Williams - May 2015
we need a new ski villige
fin - May 2015
Bring Back SSV!
Andy - Apr 2015
Keep the momentum going!
Deanna - Mar 2015
I learnt to snowboard at SSV. Would love to go back there now I've honed my skills on snow since learning. Would love to take my daughter to SSV to learn one day.
Andy Leverton - Feb 2015
gill price - Feb 2015
let's bring back snow sports
Jonathan - Feb 2015
I live in Sheffield and this would be AMAZING for the city.
Eleanor Savill - Feb 2015
It would be amazing for the ski village to re-open I went there all the time as a kid.
Henry Irwin - Feb 2015
Such a shame to see this facility in such a shocking state. I used to train there every friday night with my slalom team. Without the ski village we would never have take our skiing to the level we did. Im not sure how sheffield can call itself the National City of Sport without Ski Village and Don Valley Stadium. Please reopen the Ski Village, it will mean so much to so many kids in the future. I know it did for me
Thomas Harrison - Jan 2015
we need the ski village OPEN!
charlotte lange - Jan 2015
Makes me so sad to see a lead in an upcoming sport squandered by the best City in the world. Come on you city politicians, get your finger out and get snow sports back in Sheffield before its too late!
David White - Jan 2015
Could be great again with the right planning and support.
Robert Baverstock - Jan 2015
Ski village wooo!
caylie - Jan 2015
Heck Yeah
Dale Bellamy - Jan 2015
really want an indoor snowpark for snowboard/ski freestyle practise, going to Castleford is really far away
Bryan Lau - Jan 2015
Rebuild the ski village!
Olivia Davis - Jan 2015
please lets have the ski village back
margaret thompson - Jan 2015
Rebuild the Ski Village!!!!!
Steven Fletcher - Jan 2015
We need snowsports back in Sheffield
James Hallas - Jan 2015
i love snow
Richard Ackroyd - Jan 2015
Save the Ski Village!
Emma Scott - Jan 2015
that place used to be my life!
Lawrie Campbell - Jan 2015
used by universities in Sheffield, Leeds + colleges and schools as it used to be.
Jane Lomas - Jan 2015
Should never have been allowed to close
David Hawkins - Jan 2015
Great idea. Don't give up!
John Walsh - Jan 2015
First learnt to snowboard here many years and never done it since due to lack of facilities locally. Good luck to getting this project going! I would certainly use this (and hopefully be able to introduce my son when he is old enough)
John Elvin - Jan 2015
Vital leisure complex for up and coming Yorkshire talent
Richard Clarke - Jan 2015
LOVED this place during the 2000's, breaks your heart to not only see it burnt down but now being considered for flats??? Shame on you Sheffield, BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME.
Simon Mellor - Jan 2015
Would love to see this open again.
Jason Wells - Jan 2015
Totally behind the re opening of the slope. I
Mark Finney - Jan 2015
Re-establishing Sheffield as the Snowsport Centre for the U.K. is a win / win situation.
Lesley Singer - Jan 2015
Its very sad to see the condition of what was once a great facility. Sheffield was the sporting home of so many Team GB's winter Olympians at Sochi!!
Martin Singer - Jan 2015
Its very sad to see the condition of what was once a great facility. Sheffield was the sporting home of so many Team GB's winter Olympians at Sochi!!
Martin Singer - Jan 2015
Get it up and running
Matt Wood - Dec 2014
the more indoor slopes in the UK the better.
will wohlman - Dec 2014
It's a must.
Gavin - Dec 2014
Save SSV for future generations! It made a lot of our current greats...Jamie Nichols for example
Sara Simpson - Dec 2014
Should be the future of UK Snowsports!
Andrew Simpson - Dec 2014
The ski village is an important part of Sheffields sporting heritage , everytime I see the brown sign I get sad that the place I had such great times and learnt to ski has fallen into such disrepair
Jack John Wood - Dec 2014
I learnt to ski here at University back in the 1990s. It was such a fabulous facility and an advert for the city.
John Hopkins - Dec 2014
Some investment up north would be nice!
george - Dec 2014
All best wishes and support to you in your fight to re-establish this unique and much needed facility.
Anna - Dec 2014
dry slopes are a valuable resource for communities health and well-being
francesca - Dec 2014
I would love to be able to use the facilities again. A massive loss to the community :(
Richard Spence - Nov 2014
I used to visit every Sunday when I was a child and loved to come, now having children of my own I would live to be able to bring them to use this facility as it formally was.
Chris Moody - Nov 2014
You have my support!
Ivik Masek - Nov 2014
This is where I learned to ski, please keep the centre open
Andrea Howard - Nov 2014
Great venue and shame to see its demise. Lets hope Sheffield has once again a great ski village to be proud of.
Mark Leyshon - Nov 2014
Long live the legacy of the ski-village and allow it breed the next set of future athletes for Britain
Zvi - Oct 2014
AMAZING place, trained here for many years from stoke on trent such an aweful site now! Lets get this rebuilt!
richard s - Oct 2014
Awsome !!
Sam Daubney - Sep 2014
I learnt to snowboard here and would like to see this area turned into an indoor snowdome
Kevin Reaney - Sep 2014
Damn shame that this has gone, this put Sheffield on the map as a centre for winter sports worldwide. Bring it back!
David Parker - Sep 2014
Ski Village was always hampered by poor access and a sense of exclusivity. A new centre needs to attract a wider demographic.
Matt Roddison - Sep 2014
Good project, indoor snow centre is what is needed and enough facility to make day-trippers happy to stay. Small scale can't be supported by the local community alone
Mark - Sep 2014
snowsports for sheffield :)
hannah elliott - Aug 2014
Would love to see ski village back as a destiation for the people of sheffield, a hub for freestyle skiing and something for us all to be proud of
Sam Elliott - Aug 2014
I learned to ski at Sheffield back in the 90s and it was excellent. This facility needs to be rebuilt so more people can have the joy of skiing.
Diarmuid Coyle - Aug 2014
Sheffield Ski Village gave me a sport that previously I could only dream of.
Elaine Shortridge - Aug 2014
Bring the ski village back!
Joanna small - Aug 2014
A facility that Sheffield could benefit from hugely.
jane grant - Aug 2014
So sad to find out my cherished teenage memories had been burned by some selfish idiots
Tim Wright - Jul 2014
Sheffield ski village was great. Its such a shame it go so badly rundown. I had a membership for around 8 years. I went uni and now i'm back there's nowhere to go. I remember seeing Katie Summerhayes,James Woods and Jamres Machon all laerning there. Jamie Nichols used to come down when it was at its prime.I know i talked about the ski village a lot but any place that has a freestyle section will do for me.The funpark is the main attraction, especially for young boarders and skiers.
Liam Sproson - Jul 2014
Sheffield ski village was great. Its such a shame it go so badly rundown. I had a membership for around 8 years. I went uni and now i'm back there's nowhere to go. I remember seeing Katie Summerhayes, Jm
Liam Sproson - Jul 2014
Sheffield ski village was great. Its such a shame it go so badly rundown. I had a membership for around 8 years. I went uni and now i'm back there's nowhere to go. I remember seeing Katie Summerhayes, Jm
Liam Sproson - Jul 2014
Its such a shame that the Ski Village has gone to ruin, i doubt Sheffield council will want to help this campaign, they are very anti sport. They lied about the closure of Don Valley, it was not due to lack of funding but back handing and millions of pounds coming their way for the land! I don't know who owns the land where the ski village is, however if it's the councils land they won't let it go to the community for nothing. If a develop wants it they will sell it to line their greedy pockets no matter what is on there.
Elizabeth Maher - Jul 2014
do it do it now
Ross burrell - Jul 2014
My kids learned to ski here, I spent many fantastic ours on these slopes and now that I mountain bike I am really excited about the cross platform opportunities such as a bike uplift. I am sure there are more sports that could be included too.
Mark Partridge - Jul 2014
I visited the ski village every week and I'm gutted that it closed. It's even worse that it's been vandalised. We need snow-sport in Sheffield.
Holly taylor - Jul 2014
I would love it to come back, all my sons were taught here and miss it so much!
Roy Blakemore - Jul 2014
So sad :(
Christian Gialluca - Jul 2014
Much better skiing at Sheffield than in a shed !
Helen O'Brien - Jul 2014
Bring it back!
Dave Audin - Jul 2014
Bring it back!!
Jake partridge - Jun 2014
Legendary breeding ground for the best UK talent, needs to be reborn, perhaps even the first indoor in the UK with a permanent park ;)
Guy Seddon - Jun 2014
let's give our young ski hopefuls a place to train in South Yorkshire
Karen Purnell - Jun 2014
Get it back open please use to go there all the time lots of memory's!!!
Mohammed younis - Jun 2014
A great place for kids to experience skiing. Would love for it to return.
Ruth greaves - Jun 2014
So sad to see the place I first set foot in skis in such a mess.
Mary Garwood - Jun 2014
Re-instate the Ski village! so many people out there have a strong passion for the slopes, why deprive the future of the opportunities that the village can bring?
Joseph Wilkinson - Jun 2014
The ski village in sheffield was amazing and it was a huge loss, as a snowboarder who lives in Sheffield, if it was re-built, I would happily go there every other day to practice, we need this back
Sarah Hughes-Lawson - Jun 2014
A great cause, nothing better for a city than having a facility to inspire younger generations!
James Smith - Jun 2014
Love to see this up and running again
Martin baxter - Jun 2014
Dry slopes need as much help as they can get!
Beth - Jun 2014
That's a shame, you can never have anything nice particularly in a deprived area!
Yasmin Jensen - Jun 2014
Dry slopes around the UK have demonstrated their ability to adapt to new adrenaline snowsports. This exciting initiative offers excellent prospects across all freestyle and adrenaline sports, and as a (sports) community based project deserves every support.
Paul Fynn - Jun 2014
Keep up the great work guys!
Danielle Estcourt - Jun 2014
i miss this place! i learnt to board here with susc
david mason - Jun 2014
As someone who learnt at Hillend outside Edinburgh, I know the value of dry ski slopes; this one especially needs to be saved.
Peter Walker - Jun 2014
Great Cause.
Lucy Allen - Jun 2014
This is a chance for Olympians to give somethng back, I hope that they raise awareness. It was something that made Sheffield unique.
Ross Lima - Jun 2014
Such possibility lying unused, hopefully we'll see this unique resource restored one day.
Drew - Jun 2014
UK ski teams need a place like this to train and excel without having to leave the country constantly; there is potential for a professional training facility to be reestablished.
Michaela Chapman - Jun 2014
Bring back the shred!
Adam - Jun 2014
Terrible loss, don't replace this valuable public space with housing.
Dave Hayden - May 2014
Building houses where there used to a platform for future athletes is tragic!
Charlotte Kiely - May 2014
Pass it on and sign
Michaela Harmston - May 2014
Snowsport For Sheffield!
alex shutler - May 2014
Sheffield ski village was a centre of excellence for winter sports, two university's in the local area used it, not to mention half of our winter athletes from the Sochi games came from Sheffield or the surrounding area.
Samuel Watson - May 2014
Sheffield is the Outdoor Capital of the UK. It needs a ski slope and a good 'un at that!
John Horscroft - May 2014
Everybody sign this!! As if the government still neef convincing to invest in uk Snowsports
Benjamin Grant - May 2014
This was such a fantastic facility, snowsports shouldn't be a niche market, reserved only for those with transport and money to get further afield. The ski village got young kids into it and produced some amazing freestylers competing for our country, if we keep leaving this soon there wont be anything left to fix and we'll have lost an amazing snowsports centre
Katherine Grafton-Reed - May 2014
Sheffield needs this facility
Elizabeth Laycock - May 2014
Sheffield ski village used to rule the north, bring back our treasured facility!
Lawrie campbell - May 2014
Alasdair Grant - May 2014
Let's do this!
Catalina Walker - May 2014
Loved going here as a child and would like to see it remade
Jonny Powell - May 2014
The Ski Village was an incredible place, it was the reason I moved to Sheffield as a student and the reason I stayed after graduating. It had such a strong sense of community. I think if the slope of Bearsden in Glasgow was looked to for influence a very successful facility could be recreated at the site.
Steve Fletcher - May 2014
It's sad to see a ski center go.
Chloe - May 2014
No brainer
Oliver Tucker - May 2014
I learnt to ski at Sheffirld Ski Village and now have two beautiful children who I would like to have the same opportunity.
Helen Dulake - May 2014
Such a shame to let this go the same as Don Valley.
Carol - May 2014
This is a great chance to re develop and re launch the ski village. National and local visits, the local area will benefit and will give youth another option away from the streets.
Joe Hartley - May 2014
Invest in Sheffield's future!
Liz Ovington - May 2014
Bring back the ski village!
David Furniss - May 2014
Michael jacobs - May 2014
Sheffield needs this!
Kim Finneran - May 2014
mary - May 2014
Our children had many happy times there.
Barry Knock - May 2014
New slope, new ski stars, new generation of healthy youngsters ! Build for the future
Maureen Kay - May 2014
Please bring snow sports back to Sheffield. Sheffield is sporting centre of excellence and Sheffield athletes achieved great things in Sochi, which Sheffield Ski Village made possible. It is a travesty that Sheffield no longer has a snowsports facility and that local winter sports fans have to travel 50 minutes to the nearest facilities.
Kimberley Robinson - May 2014
The Ski Village needs to be re opened
Stefan Hall - May 2014
I learned how to snowboard here over 20 years ago, be great to see it back.
Lee Mangham - Apr 2014
Such a shame .... Needs to be back open!!!!
Peter Kearsley - Apr 2014
We feel it's so wrong that this great facility has gone from Sheffield
Joy Tanner - Apr 2014
fantastic resource
SARA COLLIN - Apr 2014
Good luck on getting this open again
Ben Lewis - Apr 2014
I had a great time learning to ski at the ski village. So sad it has gone
Jean Jefferies - Apr 2014
Keep the ski club it was fab !
Carol knock - Apr 2014
A must to put Sheffield sports back on the map - RE-BUILD SHEFFIELD SKI VILLAGE
Claire Moore - Apr 2014
Make a snowdome
Jan davies - Apr 2014
Make a snowdome
Jan davies - Apr 2014
Sheffield is THE ski city! Bring it back!
Karen Ketteringham - Apr 2014
This place is needed. NOT MORE HOUSES!!!!
Elaine Kay - Apr 2014
The local area and people would benefit immensely if this place was put back in to order.
Steve A - Apr 2014
We need places like this to push the sport on!
Patrick Lindon - Apr 2014
Would be great to see it re opened
Tina mcelvaney - Apr 2014
it is needed - support England's future racers and freestyler
ruth Black - Apr 2014
As regular visitors, I organised lessons for a large group of children, they did extremely well, bring this wonderful facility back and make it better.
Pauline Braithwaite - Apr 2014
Keep the slopes open! One of the best things to happen to Sheffield!!!
David Baker - Apr 2014
The ski village was treasured by sheffielders and other people from further afield. Now we have to make a 35 min ride to spend our money at xscape in Leeds instead of pumping our money into Sheffield's economy. Ludicrous
Adrian keeling - Apr 2014
Let's get this site back up and running and make it better than it was
Chris Dwyer - Apr 2014
i was a snowboard instructor in the earlydays and would love to ride theslopes again it was great for sheffield and is sorely missed by alot of local ski and boarders in sheffield
nigel pert - Apr 2014
Miss going up there, it would be a such a massive loss if it went permanently. Surely we can do something?
Simon Temple - Apr 2014
Great idea! seems wasteful to let the area be turned into characterless flats. Especially when there are perfect ground levels to support either developing skiers/boarders or professional skiers/boarders.
Robert Rhodes - Apr 2014
I'm in.
Louise perkins - Apr 2014
Many happy memories
Alistair Wilkinson - Apr 2014
Make it happen. Please.
Gregory smith - Apr 2014
I used to take my university team here training every Wednesday, some of the best days I've ever had. I would love to see it back and the university club (trent snowsports) will return to using it as their number 1 training centre.
Rupert Cawte - Apr 2014
I helped build the original SSV and it would be great to see the phoenix rise from the ashes!
Andrew Eaton - Apr 2014
I learned to ski at Sheffield Ski Village and if it had not been there for me my recent trip to Alto Campoo in Cantabria would have been a very frustrating experience however, the dry slopes at Sheffield had prepared me so very well that Spanish snow was a doddle, no problem. It was a fantastic resource for all ages and styles of snow sport providing a healthy alternative to boredom, drugs and booze which is the curse of modern times for our young population. If it were to go to the demon developers it would be an unforgivable betrayal of our society by all who, it would appear, are hell bent on helping themselves.
Malco Calvo - Apr 2014
We need snow sports back in Sheffield. For example; for future athletes to be born, as an alternative recreation activity and jobs for Shefield.
Katie Scott - Apr 2014
Our kids are missing an amazing opportunity
Rob - Apr 2014
I would love my kids to learn snow sports locally!
Rachel king - Apr 2014
please bring back the slopes.
bek yip - Apr 2014
If I had the money or the guts I'd rebuild it myself .any help you need I'm up for it . Spent many happy hours watching the kids grow up there . Fabulous
Sue tideswell - Apr 2014
We just can't let this not happen. Simple.
Paul Chapman - Apr 2014
Amazing site, don't let idiots dictate our future. SSV will rejuvenate all of South Yorkshire and provide a place to go for the kids of today
Josh - Apr 2014
This is where I started my love for the sport - It is very sad that Sheffield wont re develop this place as it would be a very positive asset to the city - and it would definately be worth the investment if done properly!
Lucianne Marshall - Apr 2014
Open the ski village loads of people want it
Ash keeling - Apr 2014
Open ski village
Robin Hearn - Apr 2014
A valued leisure facility which needs to be reborn.
Shaun Wojcik - Mar 2014
Sheffield must be saved.
Adrian Carey - Mar 2014
I have been involved in snow sports my entire life and I have skied at Sheffield many times in fact I have skied nearly every dry slope in England and Wales and fully understand the importance of these centres and fully endorse the committee trying to get Sheffield Ski Village back open and operating again.
Brian Evans - Mar 2014
Bring it back it was an absolute asset and could really help turn Sheffield around from this slump
Stephanie Cooper - Mar 2014
A much needed resource to ensure future champions and keep young people fit
Nigel McClements - Mar 2014
let's get the Sheffield ski village back open for future Olympians and to give the local youth something to do!
Ryan - Mar 2014
Shame that Sheffield CC appear to show no aspiration on sport - closing of the Don Valley Stadium, no support for the ski village
Howard Leberman - Mar 2014
miss this place so much and the talent that came from the ski village shows how much it needs reopening.
Lee Astley - Mar 2014
Ski Sheffield - this has to be a sports concept that will keep sheffield on the map, along with indoor EIS!
Jacki Sheriff - Mar 2014
I'd def do snowboarding lessons if Sheff brought back ski/snowboarding facilities. Come on!! You know you want to. Let's get this project up and running.
James Wraith - Mar 2014
open the ski centre so my brother can go and snowboard and leave me alone about it.
Lawrence Jackson - Mar 2014
Crying shame the ski village isn't being used. There must be some wealthy sporting bankers who could invest out there somewhere
Toby - Mar 2014
sheffield needs all the investment it can get
Mark Naylor - Mar 2014
learned to ski here with Greenhill Primary when i was 9. I spent many hours, school nights weekend and holidays trying to become the first James Woods. Currently part if University snowports club trying to get more people into freestyle skiing at Liverpool. Would love to see more competition skiing available in the UK and Sheffield was (and still is) the prefect place for it
James Walker - Mar 2014
Learned to ski here when I was 12, now 26 with 5 seasons under my belt, currently working at Whistler Blackcomb.
Oliver Wilson - Mar 2014
England cannot afford to loose yet another major snowsport facility. Sheffield has shown in the past what can be achieved at a good centre and must continue to do so in the future. The best way forward is probably to follow the example of Rossendale and set up a Community Enterprise to own and run it. A sound facilities strategy from Snowsport England should support such an enterprise.
Alan Jones - Mar 2014
Sheffield deserves a slope, kick out pullan and get started
Julie Westgate - Mar 2014
Its vital to rebuild, without Rossendale I would never have snowboarded 15 years ago. Dry slopes are a must!
Edward Beese - Mar 2014
This is a must for sport in GB
Mike King - Mar 2014
Used to instruct at SSV until moving away in 2005, great facility and atmosphere, such a shame to see the current state.
Adrian Martin - Mar 2014
Having attended Sheffield during my early instructor training years, I feel this unique facility must be resurrected to it's former glory as an excellent teaching/recreation facility. Stephen McKay BASI
Stephen McKay - Mar 2014
Stupid arsonists ruining something fun and good for the community
Kevin LaFrate - Mar 2014
Lets re-light the fire of snowsports in Sheffield. Do something worth your time and effort and get involved to make a positive development.
Gavin - Mar 2014
It is a sin to see such a magnificent facility in ruins
Liz McFarlane - Mar 2014
I do believe that it is vitally important that this extremely important facility is preserved. It has provided an opportunity for so many of our young skiers and snowboarders, resulting in remarkable success at the recent winter Olympics.
Stephen Holmes - Mar 2014
After the success in Sochi this year we need to reinstate this important training facility for the UK'S young skiers
Diane Holmes - Mar 2014
Sochi showed what the right resources can produce - let put the facilities in place for the next generation of Olympians.
Anne Johnson - Mar 2014
Love the Ski Village, it was the best thing about Sheffield, it was a fantastic community-based scene that young and old could enjoy, please rebuild!
Steven Martin Fletcher - Mar 2014
Home of british freestyle
rhod thomas - Mar 2014
It was visiting Sheffield ski village for a winter party event that completely inspired me to get in to snowboarding, this venue has to be saved. Not every brownfield site in Britain needs to become souless claustrophobic housing, people also like stuff to do!
Ashley Moscrop - Mar 2014
reopen it, such a shame to see it as it is now.
Richard Higgs - Mar 2014
Don't loose the Sochi momentum; the Snowsport Centre is a fantatstic facility and provideds so much good. Don't lose it.
Peter Button - Mar 2014
It's important we keep this important Northern facility for all future generations!
Annie Richmond - Mar 2014
I Am in favour of more facilities for sport in Sheffield
B.GAYLE - Mar 2014
Rebuild Sheffield Ski Village to bring back the fun and the place to foster the amazing talent of the young people of Sheffield.
Sheila Francis - Mar 2014
Learned to snowboard at the village in the 90s! Amazing place!!
Lee England - Mar 2014
if we are going to winbig in the next winter olympics then we need this valuable resource
steve winder - Mar 2014
Let's re light the hill!!
Robert Shaw - Mar 2014
A snowdome in Sheffield would massively successful.
Paul Griffiths - Mar 2014
Get it open!!!!!!
Keeley smith - Mar 2014
Alasdair Grant - Mar 2014
Joshua - Mar 2014
I think it is important that Sheffield has Skiing facilities .
Danny Grace - Mar 2014
Just what sheffield needs!!
Laura - Mar 2014
bring the good times back
adam pycroft - Mar 2014
Spent a lot of my youth in this place (not once on the slopes) but some on the best days/nights an had my 30th hear! Good times perfect for EVERYONE an would be a credit to the City!! Cx
Charlotte - Mar 2014
Bring our ski village back from the dead.
It is really refreshing to see a community come together to prove those cynicists who would stand by and see the ski village rot wrong! We miss the ski village and what It brought to the city and community so much. I dare say it was a pull factor to both universities amongst some of the alumni who resided in sheffield before the beloved dry slope burnt down.
Catalina Walker - Mar 2014
It is really refreshing to see a community come together to prove those cynicists who would stand by and see the ski village rot wrong! We miss the ski village and what It brought to the city and community so much. I dare say it was a pull factor to both universities amongst some of the alumni who resided in sheffield before the beloved dry slope burnt down.
Catalina Walker - Mar 2014
Good Luck from the States!
Joe DeSandre - Mar 2014
If it wasn't for the oportunity to have skiing lessons at the village my family and I would never have gone away on a skiing holiday.
Kevin Jackson - Mar 2014
lets build a winter Olympics legacy! Sheffield's youth are owed this.
wendy - Mar 2014
Would love to be able to take my 2 children to experience skiing/snowboarding was a great facility
Judy Croston - Mar 2014
It's really important for the sporting future for the next generation to have the opportunity to enjoy sport - a very important campaign good luck
Maria chaudry - Mar 2014
My youngest son Nick worked there, both my sons enjoyed skiing and snowboarding there.
Doreen Bannister - Mar 2014
Bring back Sheffield's snow park!
Matt Smith - Mar 2014
if re-done it could attract tourits aswell as create jobs.
James Francis - Mar 2014
If we want to be as great as we once was then we need to provide the facilities to do this. Good luck!
David Heap - Mar 2014
Learnt to snowboard here
Jeremy ashby - Mar 2014
I love snowboarding and I hate the fact I have to travel so far to a different snow zone. it was my only hobby and now nothing much else to do around sheffield!
jessica smith - Mar 2014
I learnt to sitski here. Would be great to see it reopen
Danny - Mar 2014
Loved going to the ski village Sheffield needs it
Mark Emerton - Mar 2014
get it reopened.
stephen bott - Mar 2014
hopefully they will re open it
john gregory - Mar 2014
We need this ski village reopened for the next generation!
Gavin Rowlett - Mar 2014
This would be another great improvement to Sheffield, Yorkshire and the region. My kids will have somewhere to enjoy their school holidays again, come on sheffield, make it happen!
Mike C - Mar 2014
Support the ski slopes
Helen Renshaw - Mar 2014
I never got the chance to snowboard here. I tried to take it up a couple of years ago but had to travel to Castleford. So now I just look longingly out of my window and at my board.
Jodie Zephyr - Mar 2014
This has been a sleeping giant for the city for 15 yrs or more. This could be the best facility in the uk and bring much needed visitors to the great city of Sheffield. I really hope the council will get behind this!!!
Steve t - Mar 2014
We need this, sheffield is a sporting city make it happen
Terence Dunkerley - Mar 2014
Growing up in sheffield I had the opportunity to utilise the original Ski Village to follow my passion for skiing. It allowed me to practice and enhance my skills and technique on a weekly basis rather than having to wait a full 12 months to the next European trip. Skiing has provided me with a lifetime of exhilarating thrills, adrenaline filled runs and given me a love of the mountains. I am now ready to pass this onto my 5 year old son, I want it to be something he can participate in weekly and grow and develop in the hope he has the same love for the sport as I do. To be able to take every opportunity to have good solid coaching with a structured route to recognised qualifications and to meet new friends that share the same passion
Richard C - Mar 2014
Would be great to have a ski facility back in this city
Peter Henry - Mar 2014
Would love to get involved in the regeneration of the ski village, and would gladly volunteer to help. Regards Ash.
Ashley Dickinson - Mar 2014
this should be a given...and no need for a petition...
dan burgoyne - Mar 2014
we spent many happy hours at Ski village with our children as they were growing up. It would be great to see it back on the landscape.
sharron knowles - Mar 2014
Well done on a great initiative.
Steve Jackson - Mar 2014
Great work
Daniel Wilson - Mar 2014
This placed launched many snow sports enthusiasts and , great athletes let's get it back up and running!
Jeff Morris - Mar 2014
Enjoyed many an evening here .
Terry - Mar 2014
Come on Sheffield City Council, you can help with this. We don't want to be travelling to Xscape, Chill Factore or Rossendale.
Philip Johnson - Mar 2014
bring it back
kim edwards - Mar 2014
I learned to ski here but my little boy, an avid skier aged 6 has to go to xscape. This place needs to re-open!
lynsey f - Mar 2014
I worked at the ski village, i also.learnt to ski and board there. i saw the awsome impact the ski village had on kids and adults alike
Teresa Paterson - Mar 2014
It is shame council didn't agree to renovating plans few years ago which included the cable cars going to the tram, etc, and let it all go the ground. Would be great iv village would come back to life.
Rima McDade - Mar 2014
Terrible waste of local talent having nowhere to train.hope is reopened
Claire Reynolds - Mar 2014
To re vamp this ski school and give people a place to enjoy and learn for pleasure and competition is a must-do. M
Val Codling - Mar 2014
A great loss, hopefully revived
Russell Cutts - Mar 2014
Snow sport belongs in the Sheff!
Shane Stewart - Mar 2014
'Bring it Back, Bring it Back. Bring it back to Me'
Duncan Stokes - Mar 2014
This would be amazing. The Ski Village was a massive part of my childhood and should be for Sheffield's next lot of boarders and skiiers
Louise Noble - Mar 2014
Sam dexter - Mar 2014
we need facilities like this to get kids an adults interested in snow sports for future olymoic success.
rachel platt - Mar 2014
I learnt to snowboard at SSV, worked in the bar and also spent most weekends there for many years! Would love for it to to open again!!
Adele Woodbridge - Mar 2014
this should be restored as the pride of Sheffield!
gary round - Mar 2014
Carl Thompso - Mar 2014
This needs to happen! Good luck and well done for trying to do something positive.
Chris Brown - Mar 2014
Save Sheffield Ski Village
Anna Grover - Mar 2014
it deffo needs to be brought back to would be even better if there could be a mtb section and skills section as well.
alistair gallagher - Mar 2014
Re-open the Sheffield ski village!!!!
Jo Humph - Mar 2014
A vital development for the city. It would complement the Little Kelham development and the regeneration of West Bar.
Matt Bonnington - Mar 2014
We travelled from chesterfield regularly to use the Sheffield ski village. Please can we open it again!
Darrell Rynott - Mar 2014
Sheffield and it's people need this activity back again!
Caroline Rynott - Mar 2014
Snow for Sheff
Emma Mosley - Mar 2014
It would be fantastic to to see the ski village open again, the very best of luck to you.
Gary Wilson - Mar 2014
Don Valley and this as well???
Ian Bailey - Mar 2014
Essential to make Sheffield unique
Simon - Mar 2014
Save it!
Luke Hennessy - Mar 2014
Would bring investment, regeneration, jobs, people, money and bring back this accessible activity and opportunity for young people.
Katie Ryan - Mar 2014
Support British Snow Sports...PLEASE
Graeme Milne - Mar 2014
We need more places in the uk like this to inspire more of the younger generation into winter sports
Terence Thompson - Mar 2014
I learnt to ski at the ski village
Charlotte ward - Mar 2014
Started out at Ski Village in 92, still boarding today. Says it all really.
Nathan West - Mar 2014
Please get the ski village back up and running. I live in Derbyshire and went there with 5 of my friends every week. People from a lot further afield would travel there for all it had to offer. Snow sports are now one of the fastest growing sports so it's a no brainier to invest in.
Rob greasley - Mar 2014
bring it back
steven - Mar 2014
We need a place to create more champions
James Fulson - Mar 2014
Sheffield being the 4th largest city, we need and deserve to have a facility that is second to none, we should develop this site to become one of the largest in skie Europe and also install the cables cars from eccl road to the sheff uni and then onto the ski village complex, it will regenerate the whole area, bring restaurants and bars in to make use of the maxing views you get from the top.
Peter FIeldsend - Mar 2014
SSV is what go me started in skiing 14 years ago!
Michael Corbett - Mar 2014
Would be great to see this facility brought back to the city! Good Luck!
Steve Rose - Mar 2014
I learnt to Ski here as a 10 year old and now my little boys willnever know the joys this place gave.
Andy Glossop - Mar 2014
i just signed it
eric jones - Mar 2014
Would love to see the area reopened with an indoor slope.
Lindsay Murphy - Mar 2014
Sheffield needs this!
Ben Healy - Mar 2014
Please support this and re-establish Sheffield as the City of Sport.
Dominic Watts - Mar 2014
Bring it back to life. We used to travel from Telford dry slope for a day out because it was sooooo good.
Lee Townend - Mar 2014
I met my husband at the ski village, he learned to board there, I learned to ski there, my son had his first ski lesson there - whilst we are lucky to be able to go skiing once a year - I would love to give my 8 year old the opportunities that many others had in Sheffield and get to ski on the regular basis (and NO Castleford is not easy or financially viable for most families on a regular basis).
Meabh O'Donovan - Mar 2014
Bring on the half pipe
Paul smith - Mar 2014
grew up hearing about SSV and always wanted to visit.... sadly i was too late
rob - Mar 2014
Good luck
Duncan Worrell - Mar 2014
Sheffield Ski village is where a learnt to snowboard, it was a great facility. Sadly missed.
Graham Uttley - Mar 2014
Sheffield is a natural outdoor playground. Adding snowsports would cement our city's reputation in this arena.
Helen - Mar 2014
It was such a great asset for the city and needs to be resurrected for future generations.
Sue Douglas - Mar 2014
I've spent too much of my youth on these slopes to see it go to ruin.
Liam McGreavy - Mar 2014
Hell yeh
Steven Russell. - Mar 2014
Sheffield should be the Snowport Centre for the UK
Elaine - Mar 2014
Such a facility should not be left to fall apart, nothing else like it nearby.
Steve Bott - Mar 2014
This would help keep the future of Snowsport in England strong and be of great benefit to the area
Kat Miller - Mar 2014
Reopen it!! We all need it especially the youth. It is the learning grounds of so many brilliant athletes. We need it back!!!
Hannah - Mar 2014
Bring back this great facility bigger and better
susan mackenzie - Mar 2014
i used to love trips to the Sheffield slope, such good traing facilities for our snow atheletes
steve terry - Mar 2014
Please open this place it would be fantastic to have a great outdoor dry slope with in easy reach of Manchester
Aly Smethurst - Mar 2014
sheffield offers great sports opportunities both in and outdoor. Having a snow sport centre would add additional value to this great city
Sarah stables - Mar 2014
We have the ability, lets keep up the good work and give the athletes a dedicated training centre, for existing and up and coming competitors.
Claire Thomas - Mar 2014
I learnt there, went on to do a couple of seasons in BC. Now have kids and have to take them to Castleford to learn the basics where we could have done this in Sheffield where we live. Build a MTB donwhill circuit around it with a lift and encourage year round usage
Dave Woodward - Mar 2014
bring back the iconic ski village, but bigger and better. Also publicise the damn place.
lauren mcdonald - Mar 2014
Sheffield, City of Sport ???
Bill Jamieson - Mar 2014
Sceptical, but hopeful.
Iain Mc - Mar 2014
get it up an running
craig birch - Mar 2014
This has my full support! bring back ski Village
Thomas Gregory - Mar 2014
My children exercised and had fun there 2 days a week, we miss it and the community spirit there was.
Jane Harper - Mar 2014
It is a scandal that the ski village is no longer used. Not only should it be an actively used resource, but it is a land mark, and one that we should be proud of. It is currently impossible to be proud of it.
Michael Trikic - Mar 2014
So important to keep these slopes going, what elase is there for kids and athletes to train on if these slopes disappear? Plas y Brenin is another one we are desperately trying to re-open. There is so much enthusiasm, we have so little opportunies in this country, lets keep wh
charly wylie - Mar 2014
Our snowsports men and women need this!
William Strong - Mar 2014
Would love my kids to have the opportunity to learn to ski/snowboard on the doorstep.
Kerry Fenton - Mar 2014
The state of this ski slope is shameful for Sheffield - bring back investment to make this great again.
Luke O' Neil - Mar 2014
we need to establish a new snow centre for a city our size as the demand is there
BOB ANDREW - Mar 2014
sheffield need this
rosemary rycroft - Mar 2014
My grandchildren learnt to ski at Sheffield ski village!
John Wilkinson - Mar 2014
Rachel Gunnells
Rachel Gunnells - Mar 2014
I wish a better Ski Village can rise like a phoenix from the ashes, and be used for snow sports and mountain biking.
Paul Antcliffe - Mar 2014
Don't destroy the ski village!!!
Jannick Fjeldsoe - Mar 2014
bartek anisko - Mar 2014
Go sheffield!
Liz - Mar 2014
Sheffield Needs A Ski Slope, there is the demand, and there sure are the hills.
Kimberley Kay - Mar 2014
If we are to producere riders like James Woods In the future then we need State of the art places to train.
Ross Peart - Mar 2014
It makes so much sense.
Gaby - Mar 2014
It would be fantastic if Ski Village could be brought back to its proper use instead of lying derelict or becoming prey to developers. Let local kids get the opportunity to learn to ski and snowboard too
Julia Shergold - Mar 2014
skiing is important
Émile Dontigny - Mar 2014
Save our ski facility in sheffield! i grew up using this amazing facility and would love my children to experience the same......
Scott Hussey - Mar 2014
Learnt to ski here years and years ago
George Benjamin Smith - Mar 2014
Bring it back to life!
William Burnside - Mar 2014
Sheffield has a great history in promoting youth sport, back to the World student games. The closure of the ski village removed a great asset. I like many others learnt to ski there and any attempt to replace it should be supported. How do can I help?
Andy Nash - Mar 2014
Reopen ski village!!
Jono - Mar 2014
The ssv was a great place to work and ride I spent the best part of ten years skiing and working there making loads of friends and memories bring back the SSV !!
Tom Ross - Mar 2014
sam - Mar 2014
had some good time they we need open and running again
sam darwin - Mar 2014
Liverpool needs one too!!
Gary Callister - Mar 2014
Turn the ski village back to its former glory for future generations to enjoy. There was also going to be a down hill mountain bike section running alongside the slopes with a ski lift to help assist back to top. This in my opinion publicised will see hundreds of mountain bikes flock alongside the ski enthusiast to create a successful viable buisness. If heads where put together they could even be a long zip wire that could include some outdoor pursuit centre aswell. If designed correctly rather than just purely a ski village to appeal to more this could realy take off.
Lyndon Webster - Mar 2014
The Ski village should be restored, it was and can be again an asset to the local area
Kris Dixon - Mar 2014
Sheffield slopes should be used
Deborah Grunwerg - Mar 2014
Many of Britain's current best snowsports athletes, including the few that are world beating, the first time Britain has ever been able to say that in winter sports, have Sheffield Ski village to thank for their success.
Patrick Thorne - Mar 2014
This centre has given some of Sheffield's children a future in winter sports and this year made them Winter Olympians. Please allow this centre to remain and be an affordable, local recreation park for Sheffield's youth.
Robyn Burrows - Mar 2014
The opportunity is there! Let's take it.
Ruth johnson - Mar 2014
Rebuild it. We have such talent here and it needs nurturing .
Jenny - Mar 2014
save it!
Cody Cirillo - Mar 2014
Sheffield has the talent, now we just need the facilities
Carl Armitage - Mar 2014
Bring back the Village!!!!
Karen mckechnie - Mar 2014
Far to precious to our youth to let it go....
Bernice Jivan - Mar 2014
I learnt to snowboard and ski at Sheffield. It was a great place
Tracy Hopkinson - Mar 2014
Please save Shef Ski village, It has so much to give!!
Tom Knight - Mar 2014
First the stadium, now the slopes. Save sport in sheffield
Tom Waterston - Mar 2014
I would be amazing to have a new facility in the north
Tom Thornber - Mar 2014
Me and my children had awesome times at Sheffield Ski Village xx
Alicia Townsend - Mar 2014
Get ski village back
Fin - Mar 2014
Rebuild Sheffield Ski Village! I used to go every week but since it burnt down, there is nowhere else close enough to go frequently.
Josie Russell - Mar 2014
This is long overdue
Louise littlejohn - Mar 2014
Scandal that SSV was allowed to get to this state.
Andy Furley - Mar 2014
Don't destroy
Tyler Hutchinson - Mar 2014
My son had ski lessons here the way it had been designed I think it could be used again I really hope so
Louise O'Brien - Mar 2014
Not every one can afford to go to snow domes every week. Dry slopes are still much needed.
Steve Lindsey - Mar 2014
Sheffield needs this for the future of snowsports in this country!
Rachel Kassyk - Mar 2014
It was a fantastic place to go and hopefully will be again !
Mark Jackson - Mar 2014
Bring it back! :)
Matthew - Mar 2014
Great shame for it to be left in such a state. Could be an asset for the city once again.
Michael Rowland - Mar 2014
With our latest success at Sochi owing itself to athletes who were a product of Sheffield's snowsports, it would be criminal to let this place go. We need to Ski Village as a legacy to present and future snowsports athletes!
Priya Chohan - Mar 2014
Definitely needed
Andrew Rimmer - Mar 2014
It's well needed
Steph - Mar 2014
this was such an amazing ski village and dry slope where many brilliant talents came from including woodsy! please bring it back!
tomholwill - Mar 2014
missed the opportunity to use the village back in the day, would love to go in the future
Oliver True - Mar 2014
snow sports come home.
joanne foster - Mar 2014
Used to race here :(
Katherine - Mar 2014
Would be great to get the Ski Village back! Would make a good place to go for SnowSports teams in the UK too!
Karl Foster - Mar 2014
It was such a huge loss when the slope went up, dont let it and the community it has created vanish!
Alan O'Doherty - Mar 2014
I've skiied here, keep it open!
James ACheson - Mar 2014
It's heartbreaking that this has been allowed to happen. ..
Wendy Allsop - Mar 2014
Can't begin to imagine how many school pupils benefitted from their ski/snowboard experiences at the village. I still get news of my ex-pupils enjoying the snow somewhere in the world! All due to the accessibility of the ski village. Wake up Sheffield, we are the city of sport.....aren't we?
Would hate to see it destroyed!
Emily Garner - Mar 2014
I was there every week in the season. My kids started there.
D Brown - Mar 2014
used to be one of the best places to go in sheffield
jordan gabbitas - Mar 2014
We need these places for the kids to grow in!,,
Martin Dade - Mar 2014
My children all started their ski experience there.
Bernadette Haywood - Mar 2014
Steven goostrey - Mar 2014
vital for British snowsports
Ryan Spencer - Mar 2014
I used to go here everyweek and it started a life long passion for snowboarding. This place needs to be saved.
James Thompson - Mar 2014
Come on guys this could be a great facility!
Lynn dixon - Mar 2014
Unique facility!
Matthew McGrory - Mar 2014
Essential for development of athletes.
Alex Cooper - Mar 2014
Keep open
Ji Mellors - Mar 2014
Would be wonderful to renovate the shef ski village and turn it in to the largest snow slope in the uk.
Sarah Messenger - Mar 2014
Great cause
Lewis pamphilon - Mar 2014
Keep the ski village!
Laura Coates - Mar 2014
Don't get rid of these once amazing facilities that helped some of our athletes win medals at the winter games..
Natalie Pepperell - Mar 2014
It's a legendary centre and should remain open for the community
Andrew - Mar 2014
Save it!
Andy Flint - Mar 2014
We need this!
Carole Fletcher - Mar 2014
No brainer
D Richardson - Mar 2014
Bring snow sports back to Sheffield.
Etienne Hilaire - Mar 2014
It would boost the local economy.
Simon Lowe - Mar 2014
It should be kept, many people like James Woods started here and is now skiing for GB. We need it for future generations to perfect their skill.
Tilly - Mar 2014
There is no point of destructing this place, if it haves the potential to make skiers like Woodsy.
Akseli kärkkäinen - Mar 2014
Always wanted to shred here looked amazing and friendly
Myles Payne - Mar 2014
Learnt to ski here when I was younger and made some good mates here don't want to see it go
Oli Bingham - Mar 2014
Rebecca Waugh - Mar 2014
Let it live!
cal wootton - Mar 2014
I had some of the best times of my life here, and spent the majority of my happy childhood here! Please save SSV and get it back to what it was!
Josh - Mar 2014
Save the ski village
James - Mar 2014
Please save the ski village!
Viv savage - Mar 2014
Jack - Mar 2014
It would be great to bring the ski village back to life!
Linda Pipe - Mar 2014
It must open again! Somewhere to take my kids to keep them entertained :) Can't xscape help out??
Kelly wheatley - Mar 2014
Support british sport
Alexander hawkins - Mar 2014
We need more recreational sports facilities not less.
Del Williams - Mar 2014
Bring back Shef !!!!!
Kayleigh Hopkinson - Mar 2014
My two young sons have been inspired by the likes of James Woods, such a shame we now have nowhere for them to emulate him and become Sheffield's next SnowSport superstars.
Rob Howe - Mar 2014
What a travesty if this was to much money plowed into mainstream sports that we forever fail at yet nothing into sports we have achieved in!
Daniel best - Mar 2014
save our children's future.
clive king - Mar 2014
learnt to ski here!
Phil Wye - Mar 2014
Having learnt to ski in Sheffield, myself and my wife became avid skiers. Night-time sliding 'above' the city lights was always a unique experience - immeasurably more uplifting than the sterile experience available on the ‘fridge’ slopes. Let’s get it back on-line ASAP…
Keith Sharples - Mar 2014
Dont do this...
Rasmus Christensen - Mar 2014
Bring ssv back
Jamieson Pomeroy - Mar 2014
Keep the dream alive
Olly Fryatt - Mar 2014
This needs to be done
farne errington - Mar 2014
Keep the slope running!
James Burns - Mar 2014
This country needs more facilities like this to encourage more people to do these kinds of sports.Wasnt the winter olympics enough to show that they should be building more places like this, not taking them down!
Clinton Irving - Mar 2014
stop fixing things that are'nt broken
chris jones - Mar 2014
It was boss
Matt - Mar 2014
Sheffield was and should be the sporting hub of freestyle skiing and snowboarding. Indoor slopes were not wholly responsible for the development of UK talent. Slopes like Sheffield, Halifax and Rossendale were key in developing the freestyle culture.
Sam Marfleet - Mar 2014
Learnt to ski here, needs to stay as nowhere outdoor to ski close by at all
Adam Eamonson - Mar 2014
We need places like this if we are going to compete against the mountain nations. Woodsy has shown we can, but we need to build for the future
Faye Charlesworth - Mar 2014
At the moment it is an eyesore as you approach Penistone road from Crookes. I would love to see the Ski Village reopen for young and older like myself to enjoy. This would benefit so many people from all over the country, not just Sheffield and surrounding areas.
Caroline Appleyard - Mar 2014
Heard the radio 4 programme. The link between facilities and success in games , let alone all the positive health benefits on people and community, is obvious. Why else would so many people from one area be winners.?
Viv Gilbert - Mar 2014
The only reason britain has produced any top skiiers abd ski instructors is because of places like Sheffield ski village, don't close it down, make it better!
michael westhead - Mar 2014
What about Olympic legacy?
Martyn jenkins - Mar 2014
I've skied here years ago. It should be redeveloped and made a centre of excelence for British snow sports. Just look at what talent came frome slopes like these, especially in Yorkshire!
stuart brown - Mar 2014
Epic Balance is what these places deliver for the next gen. Swing the vote and get funding to expand and make more Epic Balance locations. pea ce
Peter Corney - Mar 2014
UK needs more places like this!
Emma Fuell - Mar 2014
Darran Eagle - Mar 2014
Don't throw away what idiots destroyed.
Sue Somers - Mar 2014
Craig murray - Mar 2014
change this scar on the landscape back in to the home of future gold medelists.
Jason Speirs - Mar 2014
Dont Destroy this place! its progression for athletes around the world
Luke L - Mar 2014
save our dryslopes!
jack baughan - Mar 2014
bring it back
Fraser - Mar 2014
It would be a tragedy for this facility to go. So many of our sporting facilities are being eroded in the UK, we will all be very sorry when our children have nowhere to go to participate in exciting sports, and no inspiration to succeed.
Samantha Lewis - Mar 2014
They destruction of a wonderful recreation area like this is an insult to the free skiing community which has influenced the area greatly.
John - Mar 2014
Great memories.
Richard guest - Mar 2014
It was an amazing, exciting facility . A great use of an inner city space. Shocking that it's waste land now
Anita gardiner - Mar 2014
Such a shame for the city to lose this place
Francesca carr - Mar 2014
This place use to be amazing! Let get it back to being that way so more people can enjoy winter sports!
Luke McCarthy - Mar 2014
The ski village brought so many great times in my life, it should be brought back!
Carl medley - Mar 2014
It would be a shame to see a great facility and legacy go to dust
Will JONES - Mar 2014
Uk Snowsport wouldnt be where it is now without Sheffield ski village!
Chloe Dace - Mar 2014
The UK needs every ski center it can possibly get.
Ben Hood - Mar 2014
Sheffield is known as the city of sport, and this is contributing to that!!
jack - Mar 2014
Got to keep this place alive to inspire the next generation of our youth to produce elite snow sportsmen and woman for our future.
David Green - Mar 2014
i am a huge snowsports fan and i believe sheffield was key in the success of a number of succesful GB athletes as the Sochi olympics proved
johnny newton - Mar 2014
A great place and a shame that we might not ever have a ski slope again
Lisa thurston - Mar 2014
skiing rules
Thomas Erdmann - Mar 2014
Ben malam - Mar 2014
plz dnt close
richard Kim - Mar 2014
Do not take away opportunity & inspiration .
Zoe Ayling - Mar 2014
We need more dry slopes in the UK, not less!!!
Hannah Smith - Mar 2014
Amazing facility and breeding ground for some of our best winter sports athletes as well as fabulous place for community and drawing people to Sheffield
Tom Brownrigg - Mar 2014
I would visit this place every week if it got rebuilt
Greg - Mar 2014
We need more, not less facilities in the UK
Tanya Baldwin - Mar 2014
I totally agree
Douglas Connell - Mar 2014
I miss this place so much, it had such an amazing atmosphere! this place started my passion for skiing, thats for sure!
jonathan huitson - Mar 2014
get it done.
Peter O'Connell - Mar 2014
Such a great facility, it should be reinstated and made better !
Graeme - Mar 2014
Everyone, every skiers need a place to practice, and this is one that should not disappear
Francois Morin - Mar 2014
If there's two things that Sheffield knows it's steel and snow!
Dan Bamber - Mar 2014
It's such a shame to have lost such a fantastic facility in sheffield and huge waste to leave the ski village in it's terrible state of disrepair
Hayley - Mar 2014
It's such a shame to have lost such a fantastic facility in sheffield and huge waste to leave the ski village in it's terrible state of disrepair
Hayley - Mar 2014
we need it
john york - Mar 2014
One of the biggest losses to Sheffield in recent years. A sustainable, encouraging environment for snowsports. Bring back SSV!
Megan Baldwin - Mar 2014
bring snowsports backbto Sheffield
Damien Pepperell - Mar 2014
Winter sports are an essential part of sheffields recent heritige!!!
David Leask - Mar 2014
My son regularky attended Shark's skiing club what a shame youngsters will never get to experience the excitement of this sport in Sheffield.
Susan Woodcock - Mar 2014
Great campaign
Lisa shearer - Mar 2014
Much needed sporting facility
Ken Wild - Mar 2014
I learned to ski up on vale road when the ski village first opened and was ran from a set of mobile offices. And then (as a firefighter) witnessed it go up in flames. Such good memories lost. Such a shame to see it go like that. Would love for the opportunity to take my little boy to a re-built ski centre and contribute towards giving it a sustainable future.. Good
Sam Loxley - Mar 2014
It will be great to develop this land area into a facility that help to develop talent and promote active recreation
Dave Morgan - Mar 2014
Keep up with your inspiring work. This means so much to our community.
Lynne Garwood - Mar 2014
It would be great to see Sheffield ski Village rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.
John Scholey - Mar 2014
I took my children to the sheffield ski centre a number of years ago and thought it was a brilliant facility, I know there are a few real snow centres around now but the different direction slopes were quite realistic and it was a really good facility.
Judith Doyle - Mar 2014
This needs to happen. I grew up skiing in sheffield along with so many others. So much good could come from this
Andy moss - Mar 2014
fingers crossed, i learnt to ski at the ski village. it would be great to see it return
Rob Griffiths - Mar 2014
Great for the community, great for the young coming through who don't have access to the facility that we did.
sam chadwick - Mar 2014
it's where i learnt to ride and have so much fun over the years . one time i went to india and after coming home looking forward to some sheffield shred , no good , burnt and gone . i can skate everyday but my snowboard dont like the concrete so get the sheff back on point and let's have a skatepark there too .
nomis - Mar 2014
The Ski Village was a great venue for the people of Sheffield and the country and it's something we should fight to have back
Gregg Gilson - Mar 2014
Such a shame this place has been allowed to remain like this or so long. Everything should be done to help get places like this thriving.
Richard Bell - Mar 2014
As a current non skier I would love somewhere close to home to learn the ropes...
Christian Messina - Mar 2014
Learnt to ski here please open it as now have two hour drive to ski.
Rachel hewitt - Mar 2014
Spent most of my childhood at the ski village, pains me to see it in such a state. bring back the good times!
Chris Harrison - Mar 2014
The Sheffield Ski Village needs to be instated to bring up new talent and expose winter sports to as many people as possible.
Jack Lloyd Griffiths - Mar 2014
Sheffield needs this
Jacquie Rescorle - Mar 2014
Please bring this back, such an awesome place!
Nathan Faulkner - Mar 2014
Bring it back!
Andy Lee - Mar 2014
Make this happen
James Garrad - Mar 2014
Unique place sadly missed
Claire Barlow - Mar 2014
keep building
Josh - Mar 2014
Lucy Wain - Mar 2014
City of sport!!!
joe walker - Mar 2014
rowena coldwell - Mar 2014
Would be lovely to have this back, with the right Marketing and right maintenance the site would be brilliant!!
Stacey Bolter - Mar 2014
Such great memories of this place
stef secker - Mar 2014
The recent success in Sochi came from Sheffield slopes, that legacy needs to continue.
Marc Gee - Mar 2014
Given the devastation of losing Don Valley, surely Sheffield should be trying to get more sports facilities not less!
Laura Healy - Mar 2014
Snowboarding is my life. And it was so many others too. We need the Ski Village back
Wes Holmes - Mar 2014
I met my wife at the Ski Village, now my kids want to be Olympic skiers. Bring skiing back to Sheffield!
Richard Newbould - Mar 2014
Yes please, it would be great for Sheffield and great for UK snowsports.
Eleanor McMillan - Mar 2014
Spent hours there it was fantastic. Would now like my daughter to have the same chance
Jamie - Mar 2014
Maggie McPherson - Mar 2014
Do it now!
James Woodall - Mar 2014
Great idea! Also why hasnt a indoor ski village been built yet? Would attract people from all over the country if it was more than one slope :)
Perry - Mar 2014
Yes please!
Jonas Silius - Mar 2014
all for it....
dan ramsden - Mar 2014
Wonderful project and fully support objectives
Allan Shearer - Mar 2014
Sheffield needs this! It was once a hub for snowsports and it can be again.
Jess Ridout - Mar 2014
For Sheffield!
Graham Heathcote - Mar 2014
Keep us MTB'ers in mind :)
Daniel Cope - Mar 2014
Lets give Sheffield the best dry slope in the Uk!
andy o brien - Mar 2014
Open please
Dave stocks - Mar 2014
bring the skiing home (and maybe the old mountain bike trail too!)
matt h - Mar 2014
Lot more fun than all the new ones!! Bring back Sheffield ski village :)
Julie gooses - Mar 2014
if you want future aki and snowboard star in future winter Olympics then you need sheffield ski village!! please!
sam smith - Mar 2014
Where I learnt to ski .we went every Friday
Scott Woolley - Mar 2014
Let us have more things that encourage active, healthy lifestyles!
R Ayres - Mar 2014
Investors wanted with the same courage, determination and dedication as our athletes, together with national sport or lottery investment. Come on England we can compete at world level, but we do need world class facilities.
Dave Cousins - Mar 2014
amazing what was achieved at the olympics from starting on a dry slope.
heather marsh - Mar 2014
after the sucess at the olympics how can the government not help get this back on the go!!
Davey Wallace - Mar 2014
Sochi result demonstartes Sheffield's extraordinary track record. Deserving of support.
Mark Bentley - Mar 2014
Build it and they will come...
James Hicks - Mar 2014
this would greatly increase tourism in the area
Chris Lipscombe - Mar 2014
This is so needed in sheffield, whatever happened to City pride?! I can only hope it succeeds so we can carry on having an Olympic legacy coming from sheffield in such a diversified sport sector
Laura Dowker - Mar 2014
The Ski Village area/site has been left in a disgraceful state and this plan could be the ideal solution to regenerate the complex.
John Mounsey - Mar 2014
this place is a must as its an ideal establishment for outdoor activities and events for all ages.
keith halliwell - Mar 2014
Get it fixed up
Jonny Wilson - Mar 2014
Do not turn it into houses, like everywhere else! People need recreation, not just retail.
Matt Simpson - Mar 2014
the time is now!
james frampton - Mar 2014
great effort, keep it going.
john mcniven - Mar 2014
Got to support anything that helps cycling.
Pete McGuckian - Mar 2014
please rebuild!
matt duck - Mar 2014
susie Matthewson - Mar 2014
Save Sheffield Ski Village & Transform the area with Financial investment!
Robert Kay - Mar 2014
NY Sushi Big Bang Party's there were amazing
martin abrams - Mar 2014
We needy puris
Daniel challinor - Mar 2014
bring back the snow!
Marcel Burmester - Mar 2014
I was born in Sheffield, returned to Sheffield to read my degree, did lessons at the Ski Village, got a job there, became an instructor there, partied HARD there... Please bing it back, and make Sheffield whole again!
Robert - Mar 2014
I was born in Sheffield, returned to Sheffield to read my degree, did lessons at the Ski Village, got a job there, became an instructor there, partied HARD there... Please bing it back, and make Sheffield whole again!
Robert - Mar 2014
It's about time!
Jay Brearley - Mar 2014
The mountain bike course would be an amazing addition to the sport and the local area, ideally placed to fill a massive gap in the spread of trails nationally.
Peter Shelley - Mar 2014
Get the ski village back aswel as mtb developments
Nathan - Mar 2014
We need to make use of the facilities we would be a crime not to.
Andy Cull - Mar 2014
the north needs another good downhill mountain bike venue
jon scrafton - Mar 2014
This country is desperate for lift access biking, get rid of all these fat kids, gangs and people something constructive to do, as a nation we are very good at the sport of Downhill, even with the very same amount of available riding spots, lets take control and show the rest of the world how it should be down. Come on Gt Britian
Nick York - Mar 2014
Tim - Mar 2014
I'd be there in a flash!
Jodie Booth - Mar 2014
Castleford is to far!!!!
Richard Abbott - Mar 2014
Would highly suggest you include some kind of Mountain Bike uplift Downhill course, that way you will appeal to more than just one sport ;-)
Eric Meredith - Mar 2014
Let Keep freestyle sport alive in the North alive
Paul Pryce - Mar 2014
Let Keep freestyle sport alive in the North alive
Paul Pryce - Mar 2014
bring back the ski village!
Mike McCaldon - Mar 2014
Dan Robson - Mar 2014
Get this amazing facility back to its for we glory!
Paul McIver - Mar 2014
Need it back
Brian Furniss - Mar 2014
Needs to happen
David lang - Mar 2014
Snow bike either way is be happy
Laurence Ragan - Mar 2014 village.back.and.running !!
michael whitmill - Mar 2014
Such a shame we are neglecting sports in Sheffield.
Daniel Aizlewood - Mar 2014
Be great to have this closer to home - superb potential.
Dave Hodgson - Mar 2014
Mountain biking should be tied in with snowsports in order to make the park work
Duncan Hague - Mar 2014
Go Britain Go!!
Thomas Bech Frandsen - Mar 2014
Let's do this
Joe spivey - Mar 2014
Open the ski village back up.
Teresa Padley - Mar 2014
give them what they need
lee shepherd - Mar 2014
This place needs to open back up , I love skiing but haven't been able to enjoy it as much as I would like too without the ski village
Matt Easton-Pickford - Mar 2014
Steel City!
Mike Pigott - Mar 2014
Yes this needs to be done!! We need to Re-establish Sheffield as the Snowsport Centre for the UK
Angus Quinton-Page - Mar 2014
This would be a very popular development.
Alastair Ronaldson - Mar 2014
Can't wait for the fun
Chris drew - Mar 2014
can't wait
jonathon kanalas - Mar 2014
Save the ski village!
Martin Kershaw - Mar 2014
All the references to Sheffield by the winter Olympians is testimony to why this should happen.
Gerry Sefton - Mar 2014
joe gatenby - Mar 2014
Be good to see this site developed again and saved from the abyss of being a derelict site
Nik Gill - Mar 2014
Would love to see it up and running
Ben - Mar 2014
Be fantastic to get it looking amazing
Mark colin Thompson - Mar 2014
Make sure MTB is taken into consideration when developing this site.!!
Martin Madigan - Mar 2014
Let's create our next gold medalist!
Rob Bundy - Mar 2014
Alex Harris - Mar 2014
I did not realise until after Sochi what a massive place this was... and what a shame to see it left to rot for then the landowner to gain and just build houses on it. The UK needs more variety, and seeming as we don't get snow here to properly Ski/Snowboard on... resurecting this place must be on the agenda! Val D'Sheff!!
Tom Phillips - Mar 2014
Let's bring it back :)
Lee Ashton - Mar 2014
Let's make it happen!
Adrian Bancroft - Mar 2014
Keep on Trying and Riding Guys! Great Work!
Christof Gerhart - Mar 2014
Make it happen
Craig - Mar 2014
Mtb is becoming a bigger sport every year and maximising the trails that we have is the only way that it'll keep on growing. Not to mention its gets more people out of the house and active
Josh shelton - Mar 2014
This will make an exceptional venue for all gravity assisted sports. It would also make a fantastic venue for the British Downhill Series to use once a year, giving them a venue to use in England instead of Wales and Scotland. If the infrastructure was in place it could possibly be a world cup venue too.
Charles lamley - Mar 2014
please save for ski and mtb
dave pearsons - Mar 2014
Mountain bike & extreme sports enthusiast and also seriously considering a move to Sheffield some day.
Jonny Whitehead - Mar 2014
build it and they will come
johnnie kavanaugh - Mar 2014
This needs to happen
jason - Mar 2014
We need places like this to encourage people into sport.
Julian Ford - Mar 2014
Would be good to have a lift to the top of the hill for Dh riders it would be a first
Dean - Mar 2014
this needs to happen for the good of our city!.
andrew Clarke - Mar 2014
get on it
gavin stupple - Mar 2014
A great facility that can only get better with support!
Richard machin - Mar 2014
dooo it!
Alistair Wood - Mar 2014
Please get this up and running again with ice wall and mtb site
Paul butler - Mar 2014
There are plenty of other sites to build blocks of flats on...
Tony Burgess - Mar 2014
Sheffield has an amazing outdoor/extreme sports scene. Instead of building football fields, lets do something different and create a UK first venue that has the potential to be massive for both Bike and Snowsports
joe bowman - Mar 2014
Just as long as they also bring back the Vimto on tap from the bar then I'm all for it!
Ruarigh Hallam - Mar 2014
You don't get medal winners at the Olympics without facilities!!! Sheffield provided a number of competitors at Sochi, so let's give SHeffield the ski-slope it deserves!
John Horscroft - Mar 2014
Sheffield needs this!
Gary Robinson - Mar 2014
Im a Sheffield Resident Student and have always wished this area opened for the public properly. It opens doors to available of Mountainbiking in Sheffield Massive to the ones who already do it and allowing more to get into the sport.
Ollie Lynch - Mar 2014
matthew adams - Mar 2014
Mojntain biking tracks with lift access please!!
Jon cort - Mar 2014
Mountain biker
Sam Taylor - Mar 2014
This has to happen!
Adam Hurst - Mar 2014
The ski village was a great facility and on the back of the Olympics would be valuable for the community as well as developing future Olympians.
Louise Walsh - Mar 2014
Let's make Sheffield the capital of sports for the UK
Stephen - Mar 2014
Sochi Olympians trained at Sheffield, help the next generation bring snow sport back to Sheffield
James Pepper - Mar 2014
Much needed in Sheffield. Bring back the good old days
Richard day - Mar 2014
lyndsey benson - Mar 2014
Get Sheffield back on the map for Snowsports in the UK!!
Richard Hartley - Mar 2014
Re open the Ski Village for future olympians
Janice Wilson - Mar 2014
Snowsport for all!
Neil Morley - Mar 2014
So many good memories attached to this place. Was nothing quite like taking off from a kicker with the city of Sheffield below you as a view. I hope for a day when more memories like that can be made again
Steve Rothwell - Mar 2014
Sounds good!
Ewan Dempster - Mar 2014
Great cause
Matthew - Mar 2014
Marika Szabo - Mar 2014
It was a 'City of Steel', then a 'City of Sport' and for those of us who were there week in week out, it was a 'City of Snowsport!'
James Heaton - Mar 2014
Sheffield = Snowsports!
Byron Haywood-Alexander - Mar 2014
Sheffield ski village deserves the opportunity to be a part of the community again; a place for children and adults alike to have fun. It should not have to remain in the sorry state it is in currently, standing as a beacon of hope for arsonists, reminding them that their actions can have devastating and irreversible effects.
Katherine Godfrey - Mar 2014
There is so much potential to build a great slope/snowdome on that hill! Sheffield should have something to compete with Chill Factore and Castleford Snowdome!
Liam - Mar 2014
Sheffield should be the snow sport centre for the UK
Dawn stables - Mar 2014
Having had to go to castleford to learn and then practice I would love to see the facilities right here in Sheffield!
Steve Jones - Mar 2014
I often train with Sheffield Ski Club (PPS) who train across the country because they can't actually train in Sheffield!
Louise Harrison - Mar 2014
I both learned and taught how to snowboard at the sheffield ski village. Long Live Sheffield SnowSports
Bradley McAnearney - Mar 2014
I started learning at SSK as did many others, its such as same Sheffield doesn't have what once was such a good snow sport facility.
Matthew Marsden - Mar 2014
bring snow sports back to Sheffield
simon clifton - Mar 2014
My daughter learnt to ski at SSK and it made skiing a more accessible sport for everyone.
Ann Parkin - Mar 2014
Everyone should have the same opportunity as I had!
joe macdonald - Mar 2014
SSK taught me how to ski and board, as well as to help behind the scenes to fit gears and tidy up the place...would be amazing to have the Ski Village back for a place to inspire more people like it did for me!
Kat Sanchez - Mar 2014
I miss this Ski Village!
Nancy - Mar 2014
Harry Jobanputra - Mar 2014
Lets make this happen
Josh Birch - Mar 2014
Renew the ski village asap!!!
Nigel burgon - Mar 2014
Ted Palmer - Mar 2014
Ski village was soo inclusive a great place to go
Kev Seaman - Mar 2014
my children had hours of fun and exercise at the ski village, this facility needs to be available for the next generation.
Linda Coath - Mar 2014
Sad to see it all die what a waste, bring back the snow sport it's a crime not to have a great facility up north again
Gill Dando - Mar 2014
Great initiative!
sharon scott - Mar 2014
Let's bring back the area that has done Britain proud with so many snow sports athletes.
Joe Heeley - Mar 2014
Don't Let Sheffield Die!
Daniel LePage - Mar 2014
Good work - sign up
Robbie Lough - Mar 2014
Used to love this facility,would like others to be able to appreciate it as well
Steven Ramsay - Mar 2014
Sheffield is the outdoors city of the UK. Is live to see a new, we'll run winter sports place
Stuart turner - Mar 2014
Used to live in Sheffield, such a shame what hapened to the old centre, Sheffield needs & wants this...!
R Kaschek - Mar 2014
it is tragic that this facility is being lost for Sheffield kids got into ski and snow boarding after attending ski party there !
Chris gilmartin - Mar 2014
Just do it!!!
Sue Pitman - Mar 2014
I have had so many good times here please re open it
sam naisbett - Mar 2014
Just started snowboarding lessons and it would be so much better to have it on my doorstep rather than driving to castleford everytime
Hannah marsh - Mar 2014
would be great to have skiing again in Sheffield. Great place for kids to learn.
dan clark - Mar 2014
ssv really built community
Michael Foxall - Mar 2014
100 of children have benefitted ten fold from there experiences and friendships from the ski village, not only the Olympiads.
Richard marshall - Mar 2014
Sochi 2014 thank you Sheffield
Phil Kershaw - Mar 2014
such a waste, please help
Michael Hix - Mar 2014
Was up there on Saturday and took a few pics. It's going to be a massive job just stripping out all the trashed remains. Would love to see this facility rebuilt!
NJ05 - Mar 2014
Many happy childhood memories at sheffield ski village. Felt lucky to have 1 of the best dry ski slopes on my doorstep. Sad to see it in its current state.
Ben Hall - Mar 2014
It should never have got into it's current position, it was a viable business.
Paul Booker - Mar 2014
It's disgusting how the owners of the village let this go to rack and ruin. It was still functional after the fire and should have been secured better. So sad.
Cy Turner - Mar 2014
go sheffield!
eryn - Mar 2014
A much needed facility in the north
Christine Goddard - Mar 2014
we need this place back
mick kerrigan - Mar 2014
Marius Jensen - Mar 2014
This really needs to happen. It's sad still seeing the signposts around Sheffield..
Jamie Lidster - Mar 2014
So many of our Olympians and International athletes were involved with SSV, without it we will see a gap in Team GB come future Winter Olympics.
Stuart Walker - Mar 2014
Let's make this happen
Lauren headon - Mar 2014
I learned to snowboard at Sheffield ski village in the early 90's, it was awsome then. I hope you re-light the fire.
Allan Garside - Mar 2014
Smoke da NS ganj
Jcrew - Mar 2014
Nathan Ramsay - Mar 2014
A facility that Sheffield desperately needs and I would love to see open.
Nicola self - Mar 2014
Pls do this.
Ben Dover - Mar 2014
Please get this going we need it thanks!
Nicky Sygrove - Mar 2014
wu tang is for the children
thomas miller - Mar 2014
I support this petition
Stuart Denton - Mar 2014
Sheffield died a little when the village burned away.
tom millington - Mar 2014
This is essential for uk sport !
Alan Holden - Mar 2014
This is essential for uk sport !
Alan Holden - Mar 2014
bring this place back to its former glory!
lawrie campbell - Mar 2014
Used to live SSV and it would be a waste of a great site to let it go to housing
David mulcahy - Mar 2014
Had a great time with my daughter, bring it back x
Marie white - Mar 2014
It would be a real asset for the city
Rachel Amin - Mar 2014
These were once fantastic facilities - bring it back
Christopher self - Mar 2014
I learned to ski here and would love my kids to
Alexandra self - Mar 2014
bring the Ski Village back!
Ivana Holloway - Mar 2014
hope this goes well
suzanne antcliff - Mar 2014
Bring it back please
Ann - Mar 2014
Nick Buxton - Mar 2014
Bring back the dryslope!
Nathan Desnoyers - Mar 2014
Sheffield needs something like this
Dawn nagy - Mar 2014
Get your act together Sheffield Council and stop wasting money on pet projects.
Jayne Wood - Mar 2014
Sheffield is a CITY not a village.
Anthony Wood - Mar 2014
I don't think the present owner ever intended to keep the ski village open. He wants to build on the site and really shouldn't be allowed to. It was a great place once and I am sure it can be again if only someone who has a vision for it's future takes charge.
Anne-Marie Wiclcok - Mar 2014
Would be great to see the ski village up and running again, fond memories as a child. Recently visited the site and was shocked how run down the site had become.
Chilli Carnall - Mar 2014
We need more snow sports in the midlands!
Oliver squires - Mar 2014
Ski village was sick should still be here
Connie Barrass - Mar 2014
I think a large city like Sheffield should definitely have snow sport facilities.
Stephanie Bryars - Mar 2014
Bring back SSV. xxx
Polly Hawnt - Mar 2014
Used to really enjoy using the ski village in Sheffield. What a shame that it has been left to detoriate since the recent arsen attack.
Tom Harryman - Mar 2014
Get it back to its former glory.
mike jardine - Mar 2014
Would love to see snowsport return to the local area rather than having to travel
Glyn Bryan - Mar 2014
i love ssv where i learned to love snow
Adam Smith - Mar 2014
Let's secure Sheffield as the home of slope style
Cameron Parr - Mar 2014
Sheff snowsports
tom somerville - Mar 2014
would love the ski village to re-open.
andrew parkin - Mar 2014
please make this happen
michael davison - Mar 2014
3 Sheffield skiers in the Winter Olympics what more can I say? Bring back the ski village please
Fiona Bateson - Mar 2014
It Must happen GB needs this
Gareth Sumner - Mar 2014
My sentiments exactly. The Student games legacy has just recently been proven to be huge! but all the infrastructure's now gone/going.
Marc Riley - Mar 2014
Bring snow sport back to Sheffield
James Ellerby - Mar 2014
Good luck
Rachel Veitch-Straw - Mar 2014
Bring back our ski village and heritage.
Daniel mcgee - Mar 2014
Levi Ascher - Mar 2014
Yes, bring snow sports back to Sheffield! Built on seven hills it's made for this!
Stephen Cooke - Mar 2014
Jesus demands Sheffield has Snowsport Centre
Jesus Christ - Mar 2014
Bring it back no question
Mark Jones - Mar 2014
please please please
Chris Moran - Mar 2014
Make Sheffield the Snow and Outdoor Sports centre of the UK and the gateway to an active lifestyle in the wider area e.g. Peak District!
Erin Basey - Mar 2014
This is a fantastic idea. Good luck.
Jo Egan - Mar 2014
good luck - it would be so great to get this going!
Hannah Gilman - Mar 2014
We need this to boost our chances in future Winter Olympics and to improve the health and well being of the surrounding community.
Caroline Jones - Mar 2014
Who is seriously going to buy a house on that hill? Bring snow sports back to it alongside mountain biking.
Jon Lawrie - Mar 2014
Sheffield should be a ski meca again
James Wild - Mar 2014
how come the ski village hasn't been reopened yet?
Pete custombuilt - Mar 2014
Sheffield ski village is part of the history of our snow sports. We need all the facilities we can get to maintain the success we've had recently!
Ben Pople - Mar 2014
Necessity in our wonderful city. Two weeks watching Winter Olympics and half the kids there grew up on our slope. Give our children the same chance!!
Matt - Mar 2014
Brin back Sheffield ski centre!!!!
Emily Purver - Mar 2014
Sheffield promoted skiing to countless school children , it offered an elitist sport to all. The results stand the test of time, many athletes and people that have made snow sports their profession.
Kim George - Mar 2014
please reinstate ASAP
Martin Crapper - Mar 2014
we need somewhere for current and future Olympic champions to practice
Jean Crapper - Mar 2014
It will be a disaster for Sheffield to lose the ski slope to a housing development or any other inappropriate use of the current site. The country needs these sorts of facilities to continue to encourage our young people to be active and become involved in snow sports. Turnin the site into a housing development as I have heard might be the case, would be a woefully shortsighted act.
Stephen Bright - Mar 2014
Need it for Paco's generation.
Darren Richardson - Mar 2014
Use the old ski village site and build a MASSIVE indoor snow dome to rival the one in Dubai. Incorporate a foam pit and air bag zone with a cafe/bar/restaurant with an independent ski and snowboard dealer
Brian Scott - Mar 2014
My children are missing out! Bring this back!
Jennifer Turton - Mar 2014
Absolutely Imperative to keep snow sports in Sheffield and only way is people power!
Chris - Mar 2014
Lets do this!
Andrew McMahon - Mar 2014
Good luck!
J Shearme - Mar 2014
Sheffield needs to re-establish itself as a sporting city, closure of large venues recently have really affected the credibility of sport in the city. The reopen ing of the dry slopes would be of huge benefit especially on the back if a successful Winter Olympics for team GB.
Emma Burke - Mar 2014
Please add my name
Gary thomasson - Mar 2014
:D bring it back!
Ben Pritchard - Mar 2014
Learnt to snowboard there 15 years ago kids have to go to castleford in WEST YOrkshire now to learn gutted
Steve Woodhead - Mar 2014
What a wonderful idea!!
Tim Swait - Mar 2014
I miss SSV so much. Bring it back!
Ed Furmanski - Mar 2014
why does sheffield always close and get rid of places where we can enjoy and get fit
Sheffield needs this type of leisure activity if it is to become a major city again
Alan Hardwick - Mar 2014
Im a member of Sheffield Hallamshire Ski Club, and I'd like to see the Ski Village back to its former glory
Thomas Moore - Mar 2014
Sheffield needs to re-establish its ambition to be the "City of Sport". And as the FORMER English premier winter sports centre, it is a screaming necessity to rebuild this facility.
Terry Watson - Mar 2014
Please can you explain more about your plans? I would love to see exactly the sort of thing you suggest but how does this happen? What are the plans, how is it to be financed? Are we asking for the council to provide this at their cost? I'm just curious to know if this is just a wishful petition or if there is a plan and some foundation behind it. It would be great to see sustainable action taken.
Lee Goodwin - Mar 2014
Sheffield and the uk need ski village back
Helen crimlisk - Mar 2014
how can we not when olympic medalists learned their sport there?
paul armitage - Mar 2014
We need to demonstrate that a Winter Olympic medal on snow and so many Britich competitors in Snowboard/Slopestyle events demands 'legacy' investment.
Martin Doye - Mar 2014
to really establish as a centre for snowsport in the U.K for training olympians, why not include a large length ice slide for use as a luge track ?
Ellis Knights-Cooper - Mar 2014
we need to have snow sports back in Sheffield
kathy rouse - Mar 2014
Sheffield ski village closure is tragic
James marsden - Mar 2014
It's an asset to the city
Dave Yates - Mar 2014
we need a snow dome of our own.
Kevin Richmond - Mar 2014
I really do think this is important
Lorraine Brooks - Mar 2014
Greatest place I've ever been fortunate to frequent and the reason I chose sheffield university
Simon Bainbridge - Mar 2014
Time to bring snow sports back to sheffield. If we want to continue the success of Sochi it needs to happen now.
Jonathan Smith - Mar 2014
It would give a lot of kids great opportunities
Claudia - Mar 2014
I would probably never have become a ski instructor without having access to race training at Sheffield Ski Village during my years at the University of Sheffield. I'm now on my 8th season of full time instructing and I will be forever grateful to SSV for providing that startup. There is so much talent and enthusiasm for outdoor sports in Sheffield. I hope this petition gains momentum.
Juliet Bate - Mar 2014
sheffield needs a ski slope again. and shows how many local people went to the games this winter
colin walker - Mar 2014
Sheffield sv nurtured more talent than anywhere I saw in all my years travelling and documenting snowboarding on uk dryslope a and snowdomes
Jonathan kirkham - Mar 2014
Life and heart of sheffield!
Nic marsh - Mar 2014
Sheffield is the outdoor and free sports capital. This adds, extends the offer and capitalises on the existing infrastructure and superb and inspiring Sochi athletes too!
Dan Cook - Mar 2014
Please reinstate this snowsport centre for the youth of Sheffeld and future success of British winter Olympians
Neil - Mar 2014
Lots of hills, great sports infrastructure.
steven beeley - Mar 2014
Keep sport available to all.
Daniel Tylet - Mar 2014
I learnt there about 12 years ago to snowboard
sherry ruthven - Mar 2014
Good luck, a wonderful cause.
Patricia Hill - Mar 2014
gotta happen
Peter Apps - Mar 2014
Bring back Sheffield Ski Slopes
Ella Wilton - Mar 2014
Why is all around us closing down they keep telling our youth to get involved with sport but all facilities are closing
Derek France - Mar 2014
Bring back the sky village
Ian fisher - Mar 2014
Very sad at the demise of the Ski Village .Hope it can be rebuilt
Marilyn Small - Mar 2014
Both myself and my 2 children learnt to ski at Sheffield Ski Village. We all mave some great memories. It was so sad to see it fall into decline and then suffer the fires.. It was a really buzzing place and a great place for kids and adults to socialise in a great enviroment. look at what people going there have achieved. We defimnately need to have this facility again. It's soely missed!
Jacqui Willis - Mar 2014
Sheffield needs a snowdome there nearest one is Castleford at the moment!
Laura Clayton - Mar 2014
It is a much needed facility in order to capture future Winter Olympians!
Judith Kelly - Mar 2014
this is what the UK snow scene needs
darren walsh - Mar 2014
Hope the ski village can reopen as a proper snow dome
Martin Apps - Mar 2014
I think it was would a great if Sheffield was known for a City of Sport. Hopefully the Snowsport centre could be re-established for the benefit of the local people and future Olympians.
Sara Boynton - Mar 2014
we need sports facilities in Sheffield they are all disapearing fast
Marge Allen - Mar 2014
Would love to be able to snowboard in Sheffield again, & for my children to learn there.
Fiona Hutchon - Mar 2014
Just do it!
Geoff Bentley - Mar 2014
It's about time this Council looked to the future for this once great City.
Ted W - Mar 2014
Bring back the fantastic ski/snowboard slopes for everyone - you know it makes sense!
Jacqueline Bentley - Mar 2014
Great objectives!
Sarah Morrison Lucas - Mar 2014
Used to ride there as a kid, and was a shame to see it go....
Joe buckley - Mar 2014
Progress at last.. Many thanks for the initiative.
TONY DAVIES - Mar 2014
rebuild this icon dry slope and then go build a fridge at J29a of the M1 while your at it please
Ivan Huckerby - Mar 2014
this is a MUST for Sheffield. We owe it to our Olympians
Tracey Hobson - Mar 2014
IAN COWEN - Mar 2014
Great place, massively influenced my life
Daniel starey - Mar 2014
70 new houses will not put Sheffield on the map, a new Sowsports venue that breeds Olympic athletes WILL
Richard Summerhayes - Mar 2014
I used to teach at the Sharks Ski Club in the early days - it was a fantastic and all inclusive experience vital to developing young people's abilities in so many ways in addition to skiing. It is a tragedy what has recently happened to the slope and I would whole-heartedly support anything to bring the facility back. Best of luck!
Simon Holmesmith - Mar 2014
Sheffield Ski Village was a hub of the snowsports community, it would be a shame to let it rot.
Claire Andrews - Mar 2014
Continue investment in snowsports and do this where the heritage is like Sheffield
Greg Paterson - Mar 2014
Considering we have just had a few Brits in the Winter Olympics to bring home some bling, why not give the younger generations that chance to do so. Bring back the ski village so people like my self don't have to travel further a field to spend my money boarding rather spend it in my own city.
Stefan Bowles - Mar 2014
The place is still signposted, so it should be there. Please rebuild it
Sharon Smith - Mar 2014
Please get snow sports back in Sheffield!
Sophie cherry - Mar 2014
Come let's rule the world at this
Nicholas marriott - Mar 2014
we can't have a legacy with no facilities
Vicky De Val - Mar 2014
Roof it.
Thomas Mitchell - Mar 2014
This needs to happen
Chris Rooney - Mar 2014
After the incredible performance by our world beating GB Winter Olympic team what more evidence do we need to show with the right support & facilities we can take on the best & win! Come on Sheffield this is our time!
Toby Dodwell - Mar 2014
Feed Up of Everything thats being Taken away from Sheffield.
Donna-louise Clay - Mar 2014
Get ski slopes back in Sheffield
mark forrest - Mar 2014
We need this back in Sheffield
Jo bond - Mar 2014
I have a lot to owe to the Sheffield Ski Village. Signing this petition is the least I could do...
Tom Thurley - Mar 2014
bring real snow to sheffied please I love snow! everybody loves snow it makes us grin from ear to ear!
sue rogers - Mar 2014
great memories of 15 yrs ago - got to bring it back to Sheffield
The Smith's - Mar 2014
Couldnt beleive this had closed! Remember the amazing views from the slopse. Please reopen and give Britain more chances....look what we just achieved at Sochi.
StefiCB - Mar 2014
I think its a great idea being a skiier myself
Adam Hague - Mar 2014
Lets get pride back in this city. We have shwn the world what talent we have and let's find more
Karen squires - Mar 2014
Without Sheffield ski village I wouldn't have had the last 15 years of great snowboarding. It helped to inspire me to be better. And gave me the facility to practice practice practice. So sad to see what happened to it.
Gary booth - Mar 2014
Such a valuable resource. It was a truly amazing facility where I learnt to ski.
Emma Rees - Mar 2014
Please help bring this place back to life.
Adrian Hunt - Mar 2014
Enclosed & with 'proper' snow hopefully!
Gary Saul - Mar 2014
Great cause, good luck
Simon Wootton - Mar 2014
Yeah Snow!
Issak Fryer - Mar 2014
Nick Savic - Mar 2014
We need one
Jason - Mar 2014
Please re-open and help get kids into sport instead of their xboxs.
Dev chamberlain - Mar 2014
Dave Russell - Mar 2014
good times at this place
david anderson - Feb 2014
Would be great if this re-opened, had some great times there
Rachel lazenby - Feb 2014
Would be great to have it back open again.
Matthew Potts - Feb 2014
Used to enjoy going to the ski village, miss it.
Rob Evans - Feb 2014
It's all about the 'S'. Sheffield, Snow & Sport!
Louisa Wood - Feb 2014
Gillian McGarry - Feb 2014
Sheffield needs a snoe school
Elaine Burrell - Feb 2014
Bring back the slopes!!
Vanessa - Feb 2014
Went up last week, gates wide open, site has become a area for fly tippers, such a shame. After watching the Sochi 2014 winter olympics and slopestyle, Katie Summerhayes & Jenny Jones my daughter would like to take up snowboarding and would have been nice to have some where more local to go than xscape in Castleford / Wakefiled. The decline of the Ski Village started after the Sheffield City Planners turned down proposals to turn the slopes in to a Indoor venue and Aline style village about 4/5 years ago, if Sheffield Planners had approved the scheme Sheffield Ski Village would have been the best winter sports venue in the country !
Stephen Cavell - Feb 2014
Happy memories! Come back!!!
Annunziata Fiore - Feb 2014
Please get behind our young people and encourage their expertise. I loved watching (and marvelling at) all the new snow boarding and skiing events at Sochi.
Mrs J Collier - Feb 2014
Josh Nicholson - Feb 2014
This could be a huge boost to Sheffield if it were to go ahead. I urge one and all to get behind this venture!!!
Michael Hunt - Feb 2014
bring it back to Sheffield!
Barbara Simmons - Feb 2014
I used to work here, be cool to snowboard again In Sheffield
Alison stoney - Feb 2014
Good Luck
Julia Brewin - Feb 2014
I've missed this place so much, sheffield needs it back
James Gowers - Feb 2014
Sheffield needs its own snowzone - sporting capital that it is aiming to be!
Kevin Simmons - Feb 2014
The ski village should reopen
Jean Thomas - Feb 2014
Great to see some action, started what I thought was an i'ideal' a couple of weeks ago on Facebook.
Chris Brooks - Feb 2014
So needed!
Bev Smart - Feb 2014
I learnt to ski here 20 years ago and it is such a shame that at the moment so many youngsters are missing out on the chance to go there.
Rebecca Synan - Feb 2014
bring back SSV
nathan craig - Feb 2014
Reopen our ski village
Angela Goddard - Feb 2014
I learned to ski at Sheffield Ski Village almost 20 years ago and still remember how much fun it was!
Sally Staveley - Feb 2014
I learned there more than far too many years then I care to remember ago!
Caroline Herczeg - Feb 2014
I had an introduction to skiing at Sheffield and feel it is really important to keep the centre open.
Andrea - Feb 2014
a fantastic facility which helped our amazing freestylers get where they are today...its about time money was put into the more modern individual and team sports otherthan the traditional football and rugby etc
Jackie Smith - Feb 2014
It would be amazing if Sheffield was reinstated! It was one of the best (if not the best!) dry slopes in the uk and I used to love going there
Ali wang - Feb 2014
Yes we love it, plastic fantastic.
sara jones - Feb 2014
Please open the slope I spent so many Happy Years working.
Nick Hopkins - Feb 2014
Need it badly
NEIL MOORE - Feb 2014
Support our kids to learn and love all sports
Elizabeth Lee - Feb 2014
Perfect opportunity to create a new generation of freeskiers.
Paddy Doyle - Feb 2014
if you cant get it up and running. Buy some plywood and turn it into bike psrk
tonyfisher - Feb 2014
100%behind this!
Matt Johnson - Feb 2014
I agree this should be a snowsports freestyle breeding ground for future Olympians
Alistair Smith - Feb 2014
Support this 100%
Nicola Billard - Feb 2014
This is where British talent is created.
Melanie Franklin-Pryce - Feb 2014
Katharine Moore - Feb 2014
a must for english snow sports
Simeon Diffey - Feb 2014
Good luck, I would love to see Sheffield Ski Village re-opened.
Madeleine S - Feb 2014
There's no reason why a proper park kicker couldn't be made of snowflex. Snowdomes are ok for rails but not for jumps. Build it properly like a park kicker not like before.
Tom Hutton - Feb 2014
After the best Winter Olympics for GB this place must stay open for future generations of athletes
Chris Holden - Feb 2014
Why Sheffield hasn't got a Ski centre is beyond me. With so many students and hills I think it's crazy not to have at least one Ski slope.
Ade Ward - Feb 2014
Noah - Feb 2014
Sheffield has a good history of creating facilities for the 'best' AND ' the People'. A Public/Private Partnership must surely be possible. The opportunity CANNOT be wasted!
Dave Francis - Feb 2014
We need a snow sports centre
Jean Holmes - Feb 2014
Too many sports facilities have been lost in Sheffield and the nearest snow sport facility is at Castleford - there are insufficient training facilities to encourage a new breed of sportsmen and women for this country in snow sports.
Keith Sharrocks - Feb 2014
Helen M - Feb 2014
Should never have been neglected in first place!!
Julie Gay - Feb 2014
" City of Sport", that's a laugh. Caborn , ex Minister for Sport, an even bigger joke. Wake up Julie Dore and you other muppets in the Town Hall. Have some vision and faith in the future of the sporting youth of this City. Do not allow housing development, the infrastructure for skiing and mtb is already there.Invest in the future. I will do the chips and cheese!
peter mara - Feb 2014
1. Attended the ski village on a regular basis accompanying a group of disabled people who gained much confidence from the experience. 2. The possitive exposure sheffield got from the winter olympics couldn't be bought. Reinforce the brand (Sheffield) and the whole city will benefit
A Garlick - Feb 2014
the systematic degeneration of Sheffield must stop right here and now.
carl mcdonald - Feb 2014
It was such a shame to see it close down! Let's get it open again and run better! Better access this time!
Chris Priest - Feb 2014
Give young people in this area a chance to benefit again from what was a great facility. I personally know two young people who went on to great things in the skiing world following their start at Sheffield.
Liz Martin - Feb 2014
Another Sheffield tragedy that we have let this facility slip. I used to ski there as a child and have used the facilities many time with my own children. There are not many cities which have the hills and scope to provide such great potential for a dry ski slope venue.
Anna Hawksworth - Feb 2014
This where we learned to ski
Carl Snowden - Feb 2014
Myself and the wife have used the facility. Really impressed with how it was run. Needs opening again.
Mr Robin Clark - Feb 2014
Fully support all the efforts to achieve this.on the Sochi games proved that having this facility available for everyone in our society.The geography of the area is also a natural place that also needs further development. good luck
Ann Hewitt - Feb 2014
Bring it back into action and encourage young people to get involved. Make it affordable.
Dawn Freeman - Feb 2014
Martin Rose - Feb 2014
would be amazing to bring back to life the place that has given birth to Olympic stars!!
Adam Piggott - Feb 2014
on behalf of my 12 yr old daughter , the future of sheffields sport , good luck
alan smith - Feb 2014
Build a newer better ski village in sheffield
Marie Adams - Feb 2014
At last someone with a brain in sheffield, I support this group fondly as both of my sons enjoyed many a very happy ski at the village, my eldest son also worked there as a safety helper on the slopes when it first opened.. Bon ski..
Patti wootton - Feb 2014
This worthy asset that deserve funding from Sport bodies & the Lottery as it has & could help present & future Winter Olympic Winners. Wishing the Campaign Every Success. Hope you also install a Snow Machine
Peter Deb - Feb 2014
Lets see the ski village open again
Chris Bell - Feb 2014
good luck
Dane Harris - Feb 2014
Will be good for Sheffield again
Ian Brears - Feb 2014
It should never have been left closed this long in the first place
jody stephenson - Feb 2014
Where it a began! Look at where it has brought us all! No brainier Sheffield, bring it back now!
Tommy stroud - Feb 2014
I learnt to ski many years ago at Sheffield ski slope and took my kids there to learn let's give local children something exciting and affordable to do
Jan Webster - Feb 2014
It would be brilliant to have the Ski Village up and running again.
J Jones - Feb 2014
This Ski center is of critical importance to the whole of Yorkshire. The sooner it returns the better for the wider community and economy.
Dale S - Feb 2014
lets get it back
michael wylie - Feb 2014
Would be Great to see it reopen...
Michelle Brears - Feb 2014
After all the recent coverage on local news I wonders if someone would try to get interest generated in a new centre.
Martin - Feb 2014
Max Rose - Feb 2014
Get it re-opened
Alex Roy - Feb 2014
My daughter and her friends loved the ski club every Saturday. She still loves skiing even though she never made it to being a champion! Bring back our ski and board slopes.
Alison Mackenzie - Feb 2014
There is a gaping hole in Sheffield since the ski village closed. Fond memories aside the facility must be regenerated.
Julia Lewis - Feb 2014
Please make this fabulous and accessible to all families resource available again
Helen Saunders - Feb 2014
If this lot keep demolishing our sports arenas the only sport our chil.dren will be able to play is tiddlywinks
len goodwin - Feb 2014
It would be great to get this back up and running.
Abbie - Feb 2014
lets get 6 medals next winter olympics
robert naylor - Feb 2014
this needs to be done
dryslooope - Feb 2014
A fantastic addition to make Sheffield stand out from the rest
Mark - Feb 2014
This has to be rebuilt.
mcls - Feb 2014
I'm sure building houses was the land. Owners intention from the time he bought it!
Jason Hutt - Feb 2014
What a shame this was allowd to fall into the state it is in, bring it back.
Keith Kendall - Feb 2014
Bring SSV back!
Tom Kirkham - Feb 2014
loved the place bring it back please :-)
gaz dale - Feb 2014
If we want to win more medals we need to invest more money into the sports.
Anne Burridge - Feb 2014
It's so important to invest more in facilities like this!
Lauren Turner - Feb 2014
In light of our growing success at the winter Olympics, how can facilities like this not get funding?!
Jonathan Stickland - Feb 2014
The only way to improve on the success we all enjoyed watching in Sochi is to invest in facilities.
Matthew Hardisty - Feb 2014
a sad loss, bring it back
Gordon Murray - Feb 2014
City of sport are we not......
Steven Heath - Feb 2014
Even though it has been years since I used the ski village - I used to go every week to ski and it encouraged me to try other sports.
Gary Spooner - Feb 2014
My wife and I were regular users of the Sheffeld Ski Slope and I am disgusted at the lack of assistance from the City Council.
Gordon Headley - Feb 2014
you know it makes sense
Pete Moore - Feb 2014
Scandal that Shef. council will spend huge sum on a one day event [the Tour de France but ignore an investment in sport for decades.
G Brown - Feb 2014
The facilities have to be there to encourage and stimulate our snowsporting individuals.
Hazel Banks - Feb 2014
Do it. This would be soooooo sweet
Andy Wilson - Feb 2014
Don't just bring it back, make it even better!
Paul Brown - Feb 2014
Long live Snowsports!
Emma Scott - Feb 2014
Bring back the slopes :)
Sophie amos - Feb 2014
Great university memories racing here against Manchester and Sheffield, An old Leeds Snowrider.
Sam Gray - Feb 2014
Please re open
Amanda coy - Feb 2014
Bring it back
Julien rooke - Feb 2014
Please save sheffield ski village.
Joanne henderson - Feb 2014
Tragedy what has happened to ssv.
Nicola parr - Feb 2014
bring it back!!!
mark Wilson - Feb 2014
Sheffield needs this back, such a loss
Sarah long - Feb 2014
In support of my friends children who ski and need a training facility...
Rachel Davison - Feb 2014
great shout!
James Davison - Feb 2014
This NEEDS to happen...lets push british snowsports,
Gareth Vogan - Feb 2014
Still ski my local dryslope. All the best!
Max Hughes - Feb 2014
If you build it, they will come.
Anthony - Feb 2014
we need the ski slope back to give future skiers a chance of world class competition
baz - Feb 2014
Taliesyn Haddlesey - Feb 2014
Good luck
Darren Peterson - Feb 2014
Just do it! We spend enough money all all the other stuff.
Nicholas Smith - Feb 2014
save da whales
chode ferguson - Feb 2014
It's a travesty that it has been closed for so long, and lacking any obvious support from Sheffield City Council; then again what can we expect from a Council capable of destroying Don Valley Stadium. Shameful!
John Kennewell - Feb 2014
can never do too much like this for kids
Duncan Cameron - Feb 2014
We produced some top class athletes from the Sheffield centre and want to continue that tradition. Where is the so-called Olympic legacy that the Government spoke about?
Chris Leak - Feb 2014
When the Sheffield Ski Village was burned down it was a tragic loss to the UK’s Ski and Snowboard industry. Sheffield desperately needs investment, and Britain’s current and future Olympians and winter sports enthusiasts badly need good facilities in which to train and hone their skills. Don’t let this temporary loss become a permanent one.
Wayne Frostick - Feb 2014
3 great years of riding here
michael neale - Feb 2014
first time i had ever put a snowboard on was here, i was nine and would love to go back and shread again!
lucas fawcett - Feb 2014
Learnt to ski here
Andrew ferguson - Feb 2014
Sheffield likes to call itself the city of sport. They've already demolished Don Valley Stadium, please re-estblish the ski village.
Don Hill - Feb 2014
Learnt to ski at the ski village
Richard - Feb 2014
Shame on Sheffield if it allows ski village to decay and disappear (replaced by houses!) Sheffield has shown that it has talent in snow sports.
Joy wilson - Feb 2014
Let's make the most of ours hills and invest in our future
Emma England - Feb 2014
I travelled every week from Liverpool, for my son to ride snowboard. He became British Dry Slope Champian and represented GB
Michael O'Connor - Feb 2014
South Yorkshire is a deprived area and resources such as this need to be cultivated and protected for the local people and the next generation.
Rowena woozeer - Feb 2014
A National Disgrace not investing in the centre that helps our talent to grow
craig king - Feb 2014
To not save is to give up to those who choose to terrorise our home.
Yun - Feb 2014
Save it - we can't let another sporting facility in the City die.
Bob Ballard - Feb 2014
Bring back the ski village!
Sarah Hall - Feb 2014
Bring back the ski village, sadly missed by all.
dan osbaldeston - Feb 2014
we need more facilities not less, inspire our youth to reach for the stars...
gordon holt - Feb 2014
Very important to re-establish this ideal site for Snowsport. Do not let the council take it over for housing. First Don Valley - dont let the Ski Village go the same way.
Nita White - Feb 2014
Sheffield needs to start moving forward we are being left behind by many citys bringing back the ski village is a great start .
Paul Clark - Feb 2014
Shameful this facility has been allowed to get into this state.
Erica Ansell - Feb 2014
Bring back ski village!
Chelsey - Feb 2014
Such a shame to see the decline of yet another important sport facility in Sheffield
Paul Clark - Feb 2014
bbc radio sheffield really want to talk to someone about this today but time is running out. can you please call 0114 267 5440 and ask for kate or wendy?
kate linderholm - Feb 2014
Please give us a snow sport centre in Sheffield for future champions
Brenda McArdle - Feb 2014
I love skiing, the only thing stopping me from doing it more is the lack of local facilities
Benjamin Watson - Feb 2014
Give the upcoming local talent a sporting chance
Anthony Bullivant - Feb 2014
Give the upcoming local talent a sporting chance
Anthony Bullivant - Feb 2014
Long live Snowsports!
Emma Scott - Feb 2014
A very necessary facility to inspire, encourage and train future athletes and generations.
Nathan Worcester - Feb 2014
Sochi 2014 has clearly demonstrated that we can be a Winter Sport Nation. Given better facilities, imagine how much better we could do and how much wider the opportunities for participation could be.
Susan Williams - Feb 2014
Put a covered real snow slope on there
John Minihan - Feb 2014
never been and got young kids
Adam kent - Feb 2014
I learnt skiing aged 9 here!
Harry Eastwood - Feb 2014
love this place
james cartlidge - Feb 2014
We need a facility like this in Sheffield. It opens up an elitest sport to everyone.
Joe Rawson - Feb 2014
Stop our brilliant athletes having to travel abroad to train.
Wendy Stirr - Feb 2014
Everything that can be done, must be done to keep a ski training facility in Sheffield
Clive Skelton - Feb 2014
Great legacy for the UK and the local community in Sheffield
Rich Davies - Feb 2014
I went to so many birthday parties here when I was younger.
James Stirr - Feb 2014
Fingers crossed!
claire saxton - Feb 2014
Sheffield years behind other major cities but how many have hills like ours? SO USE THEM
Tim Wild - Feb 2014
great memories of Sheffield ski slope from 90's
Ian Jackson - Feb 2014
I broke my elbow racing at Sheffield but always loved the place!
Claudine Miles - Feb 2014
Just look how well the young ones did in Sochi
Elisa Chesterton - Feb 2014
We need good facilities to develop the potential of our young skiers and snowboarders
Liz Elliott - Feb 2014
This is a no brainer, make it epic once more!
Martin Hardy - Feb 2014
Get em
Jamie - Feb 2014
Sheffield needs this back
Liz Metham - Feb 2014
we need this
Joseph webster - Feb 2014
We want it staying as a ski village
Marie Longden - Feb 2014
We should not have to plead for basic sporting facilities!
Rex Hawkins - Feb 2014
Bring back the ski slope!! It's greatly needed in Sheffield.
Emma Bradley - Feb 2014
We need all the help and encouragement we can get, to help our talented young people achieve their dreams.
Annette E Gale - Feb 2014
A city with seven hills and no ski slope is like a bird with no wings !!! We need Snowsports back in Sheffield !!!
Scott Taylor - Feb 2014
bring back the ski village!
kerri nicholls - Feb 2014
open open open!
Jenna Meeking - Feb 2014
Re-Open Ski Village!
Matthew Caunt - Feb 2014
Would be amazing.
Amanda Roy - Feb 2014
THis is gping to a good cause, please keep signing
Archie Coode - Feb 2014
lets get it back up and running. i think they will need brand sponsors and make it affordable
Gareth Irvine - Feb 2014
Fantastic cause guys. I look forwardto seeinghow the project progresses. All the best. Joel
Joel Kesterton - Feb 2014
Having two people from Sheffield taking part in the games the only ones in thier sport from all uk to be there and they both trained at the ski village says it all what a waste of a good plcae
This needs to happen, sheffield was a key training ground for my university team and we miss it. Given that it has helped so many olympic athletes, lets make it excellent again.
Sophie Miles - Feb 2014
Tom Garwood - Feb 2014
Having created massive interest at the Sochi Games it is ludicrous to throttle British Snow Sports at Birth by closing these facilities.
Steve Webster - Feb 2014
we need this
laura cocking - Feb 2014
make it happen
simon king - Feb 2014
Madness closing this. Typical of the council closing these facilities when it is most needed!
Audrey Keating - Feb 2014
Learnt to snowboard here, would love for it to reopen!
Ellen Caunt - Feb 2014
This could be a wonderful opportunity for Sheffield and South Yorkshire - so many happy memories of the old Ski Village
Anya Sutton - Feb 2014
I learnt there, taught there, and spent a lot of time riding up there. Without the Ski Village I would never have been able to get into snowboarding.
Rob Barthorpe - Feb 2014
fully support
Diane moat - Feb 2014
I went for one of my first rides on that slope. Save it.
Sarah McArthur - Feb 2014
Was shocker when found out the ski village had closed this place gave my son bags co fidence whenhe had been bullied at school
Denise davidsin - Feb 2014
With dedicated trainers, the Sheffield Ski Village produced champions. Where will the new generation get a chance like that? Not at expensive indoor facilities, that's for sure!
Maggie McPherson - Feb 2014
Good luck
Scott McPhail - Feb 2014
I need somewhere local and cost effective to learn to snowboard, the indoor centres just aren't worth it for me.
Elliott Lowe - Feb 2014
Chris Gilbert - Feb 2014
We need this.
John Flaherty - Feb 2014
Katie And Molly are my cousins it has to be done!!!
Georgina wood - Feb 2014
I like ski
Paul - Feb 2014
Good luck!!
Alec Linden - Feb 2014
This would be an awesome facility for Sheffield and indeed for the UK as a whole. Last autumn I had to travel to the USA to train at a decent indoor ski facility. Having something like this would benefit all action sports enthusiasts in the UK. Would use it for sure.
joe stevens - Feb 2014
Rhode Island USA
Jason Young - Feb 2014
ndrika - Feb 2014
I feel that if we want to see the progression of british snowports we need a venue like this so many of our athletes need a venue like this. Help grow British winter sports
Richard Cull - Feb 2014
definitely what this city needs
andy cooper - Feb 2014
save the shred
mike sweet - Feb 2014
We need these facilities for you g and old for fitness and encourage future sports people
June Partington - Feb 2014
Great news, current situation is a real shame.
richard kershaw - Feb 2014
regularly used and worked at ski village for 4 years when I was studying in Sheffield - learnt 90% of all tricks I can do on dryslope - essential for future freestyle development!
josh haile - Feb 2014
Danny higham - Feb 2014
I still can't ski, but I really want to learn! So I can shred with my boyfriend!
Alex O'hare - Feb 2014
Get it back up and running
Kye Henton - Feb 2014
Loved this place never even snowboarded or skied there but just hanging out with mates at the bar after a good session at the house skatepark was good.
Alex H - Feb 2014
Liam Keyes - Feb 2014
Liam Keyes - Feb 2014
Liam keyes - Feb 2014
As I was saying, Other businesses are reaping the benefits of ski/snowboarders in this area. Woods is an inspiration to all the young skiers out there. Why not give them one of the best training facilities in the UK back?
Yyuriy Galypchak - Feb 2014
These type if facilities are essential for the growth of our countries involvement in winter sports.
Vicki Hughes - Feb 2014
It's a shame to lose this
Nick - Feb 2014
Everybody needs to rip lines and slam park. Other businesses arre
Harry Naden-Caldwell - Feb 2014
We need to invest in facilities to produce future champions
Mark Ryding - Feb 2014
I started skiing on that slope when it first opened and was just a portakabin and one dry slope it went on to such great things and I cannot believe it ended up closing but as all things in Sheffield like the airport and many other amazing businesses they are ruined by the council's lack of support and vision...stop voting them in!!!!!!
Danielle Cameron Chafer - Feb 2014
Sheffield should show some pride in its facilities not just run them/knock them down like Don better than not less than!!
Kathryn Wilson - Feb 2014
I really hope this slope can be rebuilt, I've seen first hand what a great dryslope can do for the community. Would be awful for the locals to loose this.
Sarah Smith - Feb 2014
Any opportunity to deliver safe and fun sporting activities should be taken. Build on the Winter Olympics legacy!
James Cairns - Feb 2014
Sheffield council could not run a bath, and if you have a business they go out of there way to fuck you up
Craig hattersley - Feb 2014
skier from cas go SKI VILLAGE
Dan Rowe - Feb 2014
Grown up with the ski village, even my parents met there. I was so upset to see it close
Bethan Rhodes - Feb 2014
best of luck id definetly come down and shred
craig robinson - Feb 2014
I murk a lot of bad snitches
Chaz Boneman - Feb 2014
bring it back!
James McDonald - Feb 2014
Good times, bring them back.
Karen Jenkins - Feb 2014
blake rolfing - Feb 2014
Let's fight for this!!!
Paul Moulder - Feb 2014
Let's go!
Matt fox - Feb 2014
Bring back our slopes!!!!
James Booth - Feb 2014
Saw this on NS. Good luck!
aaron cannon - Feb 2014
The Olympic legacy is all sports!
Olga Rayner - Feb 2014
Good Luck
Erik - Feb 2014
We have so many resources in Sheffield to make this viable again.
Paul - Feb 2014
Sport should be funded
Ash Hull - Feb 2014
Hope this works!
Kennedy - Feb 2014
Come on now
Drew baker - Feb 2014
Massively important to UK snowsports, hope people will listen once they see the passion from this petition
Adam O'Mara - Feb 2014
Why Han
Richard Evans - Feb 2014
My life and my business have been shaped from snowboarding and it started in Sheffield Ski Village, I hope it grows and develops too with this petition
Lee Middleton - Feb 2014
Such a shame it's gone. Would be a great facility and asset to sheffield to encourage the next generation.
Lindsay Spencer - Feb 2014
Don't just re-build one in Sheffield, build more like this in the UK!
Greg - Feb 2014
i learnt to ski and snowboard here! now i cant do either because all other slopes are so far away.
josh smith - Feb 2014
Great idea, hope it happens
Nikki whiston - Feb 2014
Awesome way to cement an olympic legacy...
Simon Howard - Feb 2014
This would be great for Sheffield & the U.K.
Lesley Singer - Feb 2014
The place is so rundown now, get this place up and running again! Clean up!
Justin Bates - Feb 2014
Bring snowsports back to Sheffield!
Anna BEckett - Feb 2014
there is no better sport than snowsport
Dave Rees - Feb 2014
This needs to happen!
Chris Cracknell - Feb 2014
Without the SSV I wouldn't have ever had the chance to experience the amazing feeling of Snowsports.
Ed Tai - Feb 2014
Daniel - Feb 2014
please re open! :)
Terri - Feb 2014
Really supportive of this idea. Travelling all over the UK to follow my passion for snowboarding. Having something in sheffield supporting the scene of snow sports again would be a huge plus for the next generation of snow sport olympians.
Craig Scott - Feb 2014
Was only thinking the other day as I looked across the valley to the Ski village what a shame it wasn't functioning anymore
Ann Humphreys - Feb 2014
This was so important to my son and his friend when they learnt to snowboard.
Georgina Lawson - Feb 2014
Don't let this great ski and snowboard complex go totally to waste it can be saved
Chris Purcell - Feb 2014
Dry Slope's are where it's at!
Peter Wyatt - Feb 2014
a much needed facility
zach colgan - Feb 2014
We need this facility
Marilyn Moreman - Feb 2014
Never skied at Sheffield but really sad to see its demise from a great local asset.
Ant Myatt - Feb 2014
hope this helps
philip morse - Feb 2014
As a British boarder I feel that there is not enough good quality resources for people to progress in their discipline and Sheffield being one of the best is a big loss!
Ashley Newman - Feb 2014
Really hope this works!!!
Emily Walton Lawson - Feb 2014
It would be great to have the ski village back for all to enjoy. I'd love my kids to learn to ski there just like I did.
vivian savage - Feb 2014
Snow sport is huge! We cannot be the. It's of Sport without it!
Ian Jennings - Feb 2014
This would be great :-!
Marc Sibley - Feb 2014
This has to happen. Look at what we achieved this Olympics! More please.
Jamie Neale - Feb 2014
Bring the Phoenix ski village back from the ashes!
Steven Batty - Feb 2014
Skied there years ago. Really disturbing to see it in such a state. What a waste of facility.
Julian Ansell - Feb 2014
City of sport is falling short!
Tobie Warhurst - Feb 2014
This place was over looked by Sheffield council, it's a shame as it has produced some really good talent
Terence Thompson - Feb 2014
Get it open!!
Jeni - Feb 2014
It would be wonderful to see Sheffield as a snow sport Centre. Just look at the success of our winter Olympians. Just imagine the results we could have if we had good facilities like this. Plus, the government and health officials are always saying young people do not exercise enough. Thie would be an ideal opportunity for youngsters and what fun. My children visited sheffield ski slopes and loved it.
Lesley Merrin - Feb 2014
Fantastic idea!
Kerry James - Feb 2014
We should have our own better indoor slope, pre built slope.
Nick Kenyon - Feb 2014
great idea.
Sion Jones - Feb 2014
bring it back!
Daniel Horner - Feb 2014
We need a choice if sport & in Sheffield!
Sharon James - Feb 2014
should bring it back
danny g - Feb 2014
My grandson went thre and we really do Ned this as is stated for the next generation.
Jacqueline Harris - Feb 2014
Bring it back
David jacquett - Feb 2014
Good luck.
Christopher Williams - Feb 2014
bring back Ski Sheffield - great part if the citiy's history
Pete - Feb 2014
Would be great to have another facility on the site, such a shame that it lies in ruins.
Richard Pitts - Feb 2014
My grandsons loved the Ski Village
Jean Smith - Feb 2014
REGENERATE the ski village not been the same without it!
Mark Skelton - Feb 2014
Bring it back!
Jamie Gillespie - Feb 2014
Nathan Ramsay - Feb 2014
We need the ski village back!
Zara Lees - Feb 2014
This would be a great way to build on our success in Sochi
Matt Agnes - Feb 2014
This is the future!!
P Winwood - Feb 2014
Let's build on Sochi 2014 with some new great facilities
Phil miller - Feb 2014
Sheffield needs a Snowsport centre PRONTO
Zoy Mills - Feb 2014
do it now!
Chris Rushton - Feb 2014
Loved it ...
Jonathan strutt - Feb 2014
Awesome, lets make it happen!
Jalal Amine-Eddine - Feb 2014
bring it back!
Hannah Lawrence - Feb 2014
Great petition
Drew Hamilton - Feb 2014
was a massive cultural centre for ski in the uk...vital in the north...and if run properly would be the capital for uk snowsports
greg - Feb 2014
SSV was an amazing place. Far bigger, and with so many more features than the indoor snow slopes. With investment in a new surface (which it needed anyway) it isn't difficult to imagine how well our next generation of Olympians (and the current ones still have a few more games to come) will do in future years. This time Team GB only equalled their best result in history. Reviving this place will guarantee we blow that record to pieces in years to come.
Angus Walker - Feb 2014
Bring back the carpets!!!
Alexander Waldron - Feb 2014
All the best.
Phil unwin - Feb 2014
We love shelf ski village
Leeds Snowriders - Feb 2014
Needs to happen
Helen wright - Feb 2014
Sheffield Ski village is where I learnt how to ski and snowboard, with it I probably would never have took up the sport
Matthew Wiggins - Feb 2014
we need all the ski and boarding venues we can get!
David Clarke - Feb 2014
i love skiing
James Lever - Feb 2014
Richard McVitty - Feb 2014
A travesty that the facility was not rebuilt years ago. We wamt Olympic medals then we need the facilities.
John Cradock - Feb 2014
So many of our top skiers have used Sheffield for training i, aerobatics into the pool , the amazing half pipe, get it back!
Anne wilson - Feb 2014
Britsh talent needs the investment in facilities to allow our up and coming athletes to achieve their dreams.
Bethan Cradock - Feb 2014
Why are these things funded and encouraged elsewhere and allowed to go into disrepair or be demolished in Sheffield?
Melody Wilcock - Feb 2014
Bring back the ski village
kerk - Feb 2014
A fish can hear what your thinking just before you sneeze
Adrian Price - Feb 2014
Rebuild this facility. Given the opportunity there are countless people who will get involved in making it work.
Robin Kellen - Feb 2014
Fingers crossed
Dave Dunstan - Feb 2014
Rebuild the ski village - it's a brilliant resource.
mark brown - Feb 2014
Luke Eccleston - Feb 2014
save them!
Josh Wong - Feb 2014
Good Luck
Caeron Roberts - Feb 2014
There has been so much talent pass through Sheffield over the years that it would be such a pity not to build on that legacy and the success of Team GB at the Sochi Games.
chris coupe - Feb 2014
hope this helps
keith foley - Feb 2014
I support this, Sheffield Ski. Village is where I first learnt to ski!
Cat Beck - Feb 2014
we want our ski village back or an indoor snowdome
chris trueman - Feb 2014
Great idea... good luck.
David Pomerantz - Feb 2014
This could win GB gold at the olympics!
Wade Leaford - Feb 2014
yes had the same idea I was in the process of finding who to email about it. No better time to start after a great olympics
dale savage - Feb 2014
Remember the Snow Mountain project? It would have been bankrolled by a housing scheme, which the council then rejected, stopping the project in its tracks. This, Don Valley and Sheffield F.C. playing outside of the city - do we want to be the "City of Sport"? This needs to happen to kickstart the local tourist economy!
Lewis Skinner - Feb 2014
My son, inspired by the Olympics, recently asked for a snowboarding lesson for his 8th birthday. How great it would be to have something local for our kids - maybe future Olympians!
Kerry Bell - Feb 2014
I loved learning to ski here and the half pipe and jumps area was so fun :)
John Hopkins - Feb 2014
A valuable facility that needs reinstating
Daniel Caddy - Feb 2014
Top idea!
Gavin white - Feb 2014
The next generateion of freestyle skiers need this facility to learn, train and reach their full potential.
Frances Waterhouse - Feb 2014
We need it for our children and grandchildren,please give them the chance to shine through for Great Britain.
irene.hague - Feb 2014
Long Live Sheffield Ski Village!
Madoc Hill - Feb 2014
re open sheffield snowsport centre
Liz Cordingley - Feb 2014
ski village was my local slope, wouldnt be skiing now if it wasnt for that place.
david flynn - Feb 2014
Learnt to snowboard here, great instructors and great dry slope
Richard Lawson - Feb 2014
Growing up in sheffield, the ski village was a great centre to learn snowsport and spend time as teenagers. It was always a hub of so many activities and events and made Sheffield a more unique city. I was inspired by some of my friends who went on to join olympic teams and it provided a great platform for this. It would greatly benefit the city to see this return to its former glory.
Rosie Skirrow - Feb 2014
my daughter learned to ski here, many pleasurable hours spent! nothing like this in the area, kept kids and grownups entertained!! we need it back
lyndsey allen - Feb 2014
angus marshall - Feb 2014
pleas pleas pleas
william kiely - Feb 2014
I have raced here before, and it was a real privilege. University ski tournaments aren't the same without this place, and lots of young talent comes from it - just look at the most recent olympics!
Henry Barnick - Feb 2014
Sheffield Ski Village was an enormous part of my life for 10 years, it was the reason why I chose to come to Sheffield University, and it is the reason why I have continued to work for the NHS in S Yorkshire rather than moving elsewhere. It made winter sports accessible to everyone irrespective of age and finances, and for me it made Sheffield what it is. That half of the UKs free-ski team and snowboarding's Dom Harrington came from the slope is a testament to the enormous amount of talent the place has nurtured and produced over the years. An incredible place.
Steven Fletcher - Feb 2014
We need all the facilities we can get.
Elaine Salmons - Feb 2014
make it happen
Nathan - Feb 2014
Do it.
Daniel Wray - Feb 2014
this needs to happen
Sam Falk - Feb 2014
bring on 2018
ulyett - Feb 2014
It seems i spent half of my youth there,It makes me sad to see it in such a sorry state
michael elson - Feb 2014
Snow rather than carpet would be preferable this time
Sara Pates - Feb 2014
The infrastructure to rebuild the ski village is already there
Tom Knight - Feb 2014
Ski village has provided so much for so many people. Really should be rebuilt!
Becky Masaba Kituyi - Feb 2014
Without Sheffield ski village, freestyle would not be where it is today,
Janet bennett - Feb 2014
We had many snowboard events here in the 80/90's its so sad to see it go to rack an ruin
Karen Palmer - Feb 2014
Sad to see the current state of the Sheffiled ski centre. Any facility to get young people involved in healthy outdoor execise should be encouraged.
Peter Lewis - Feb 2014
Please please please
Lucy Porteous - Feb 2014
I learned to snowboard here and spent many hours on the slopes
Darren Jones - Feb 2014
wouldn't it be nice....
Richard Oxley - Feb 2014
Good luck!!
L hodgson - Feb 2014
Sam Henery - Feb 2014
Danny Graves - Feb 2014
Young people deserve a chance to ski and board.
martin lomax - Feb 2014
Shaun Duffy - Feb 2014
Bring it back!!
Daniel Taylor - Feb 2014
Dryslope a are so important for developing British Talent; centres like Sheffield are critical to produce future Olympic Athletes
Matt McCormick - Feb 2014
Get it done!
Ben Dover - Feb 2014
do something with the site other than more houses that sheffield doesn't need.
paul bennett - Feb 2014
Sheffield is my home slope, was devastated when it was burnt down. This would be awesome if it happened
Thomas Smith - Feb 2014
After all the BBC films on how it produced so many good skiers, how can they not rebuild it.
will - Feb 2014
Skiing at ski village back in the day are still threat times of my life.
Will Wozencroft - Feb 2014
Get an indoor snow slope built! Hill is already there!
Neil skinner - Feb 2014
SSV much facility much needed!
Jan Lever - Feb 2014
it could be so much better than it was, come on bring it back to Sheffield
carl davies - Feb 2014
Shame it has ended in the state that it is in. Bring it back for the next generation of young UK rippers!!!!
Stuart Craig - Feb 2014
open it up again.....get streets and doing positive things
Steven Wyld - Feb 2014
Bring it back!
Daniel Halmarack - Feb 2014
Bring SSV back to life been away for too long!
Carl medley - Feb 2014
Please bring back Sheffield
Alex Craftson - Feb 2014
Be awesome to have it back...I learned to board there over 20 years ago
Paul Mycock - Feb 2014
Most of my youth was spent here,would love it to come alive again!
Amy Harrison - Feb 2014
would love this fab facility to re open
samantha hornsby - Feb 2014
I am pleased to see that someone is trying to do something about this issue.
Abby Beckett_Smith - Feb 2014
Our city's facilities seem to be being butchered one after another out of greed and spite, hopefully this will go part way to healing the sporting nature of Sheffield
Laura-Anne Turner - Feb 2014
Sheffield was once the best dryslope in the UK - it is a shame that such a great slope has been allowed to fall into such disrepair.
Joe Wallwork - Feb 2014
Get it!
Mitch Thatcher - Feb 2014
John - Feb 2014
This idea can only be a good thing for the future and accessibility of snowboarding!
Dean Williamson - Feb 2014
This has to be done
Joshua Jedidiah Goulden - Feb 2014
Bring back the steel
Michael Robinson - Feb 2014
I love this plan.
Nic Owen - Feb 2014
Good Luck!
Jack Mehoff - Feb 2014
great time learning to ski and board here! do the right thing! bring back the sheff city ski village!!
Richard - Feb 2014
Was an awesome venue with an atmosphere second to none...having it back would be awesome :D
Dan Jesse - Feb 2014
We love skiing would be great to have it so close.
Monika - Feb 2014
Do it.
David Brighton - Feb 2014
Bring us back the good old times and give the youth a chance to thrive!!
Jamie Purkhardt - Feb 2014
Let's get this back
Mathew - Feb 2014
We need this facility to train future Olympic hopefuls
Kate Crampton - Feb 2014
Rebuilding the dryslope would do wonders for Sheffield, it could act as a breeding ground, once again, for the next generation of athletes and give kids something to look forward and aspire to. It has already been shown that the facilities which where here are capable of producing world class competitors, and it would be a real shame for them not to be able to show people where they learnt. Please don't let this opportunity pass you by. Regards Edward
Edward - Feb 2014
Miss that place :(
Christian - Feb 2014
Lets have another generation of Winter Olympics hopefuls train here too. Make snowsports accessible for everyone!
Bex Worthington - Feb 2014
please let woodward make profitable camp in uk
daniel - Feb 2014
get involved people x
jess mallinder - Feb 2014
my boys miss their weekly ski and hanging out at the slope.
Rachael Ackernley - Feb 2014
Some of the best times in sheffield were working up that slope, bring it back!
kyle dickson - Feb 2014
Please bring it back!!!
Eric Noden - Feb 2014
my daughter misses skiing
Lisa Hebb - Feb 2014
Sheffield shud lead the way
M mcinerney - Feb 2014
Need to bring back some kind of snow/ice activity to sheffield
Sally Wylde - Feb 2014
Help keep the dream alive!
Elizabeth knowles - Feb 2014
Be great to see this facility re-opened.
Jacqueline Roberts - Feb 2014
Be great for the whole family to have it back
Tracy high - Feb 2014
What a great idea. This has my full support.
Richard Hudson - Feb 2014
Ski lyfe
Ezra - Feb 2014
do it
Ali Gourley - Feb 2014
make snow sports accessible for all
krystelle kubicki - Feb 2014
For the future
Charlie Henderson - Feb 2014
Vital for Sheffield
Tony Kay - Feb 2014
might of doubled olympic haul if it had been looked after, lets look to the future not the past and go for more next time
danny leafe - Feb 2014
Our most successful Olympic hopes grew up at places like this (most at this one!). We have to save it!
Sam Davis - Feb 2014
Jonathan Lawrence - Feb 2014
Lets put Sheffield back on the map, and give ourselves a fighting chance to get some more medals at the next Winter Olympics.
John Fleetham - Feb 2014
please :)
Sam Newton - Feb 2014
Bring on the second coming
Paul Lockwood - Feb 2014
Awesome idea. The ski village is greatly missed :(
jay cope - Feb 2014
This would be great if it was rebuilt & it to be similar to Woodward.
Dhiren J Brady - Feb 2014
Sheffield needs such a facility for the nex tgeneration
yvonne .messenger - Feb 2014
I will do aching for this back!
Will kennedy - Feb 2014
great idea. We would definitely use it.
Paula Hubber - Feb 2014
Whatever happens, someone needs to get Sheffield Council on board...
Peter Ashley - Feb 2014
Sheffield should have such a facility after the devastating loss of the skis slope.
Alan Coupe - Feb 2014
this would be good for snowsport, Sheffield and kids for miles around sheffield
patrick rushton - Feb 2014
If a new drysope training facility was to open, more future Olympians would be produced
James Machon - Feb 2014
this needs to be done
harry stephenson - Feb 2014
I would be great to have the SSV at up and running, it changed the lives of so many people. Not to menton Woodsy and Katie Summerhayes who I remember as kids in the fun park.
Paul Keppel - Feb 2014
Wishing you good luck -it deserves to succeed
Debi Jones - Feb 2014
This would give something good to do in Sheffield!
Rebecca Copley - Feb 2014
Key to progression of UK snowsports! I loved Sheffield Ski Village!
Alex Cartwright - Feb 2014
Many good times were spent at the Ski Village - would be wonderful to have it back!
Myles McNeany - Feb 2014
Sheffield needs to keep up its sporting legacy
d p darnill - Feb 2014
Summertime shred needed!
Alexandra Lines - Feb 2014
Make it happen, please!
Peatricia - Feb 2014
It will be great for future Olympians to come test out there skill and learn some new things!
Charles Dodd - Feb 2014
Grew up skiing here and it'd be amazing to see it back!
David Furley - Feb 2014
Please build something rad so that kids can go and shred. Take a look at what WOODWARD does in the states! Truly epic!
Tim Warwood - Feb 2014
The ski village was awesome its a shame the right people weren't running it cause if it had some great backing then people would have travelled from all over the countryto use it.
Julie Dadd - Feb 2014
please reopen I learned to ski there with my 2 children
Paula Johnson - Feb 2014
Heard so much about the ski
Will curzon - Feb 2014
I'd take up snowboarding tomorrow if we had the facilities with real snow!
Jamie Lista - Feb 2014
Sochi showed folks what GB can produce with faff all, lets see some investment in top notch facilities and reap what is sowed!
Matthew Fraser - Feb 2014
We have seen a decline in local snowsports centres around the UK, and yet an increase in interest with recent Winter Olympic medals. Time to restore the grass roots for wintersports in the UK - not everyone can afford to get to the few indoor snowdomes!
Dave Flynn - Feb 2014
Been wanting to see a 'Woodward' style facility in the UK for a while.
Jonny - Feb 2014
This is a chance to bring one of the original venues of snow sports in the UK back to life. It has helped many riders progress in the past and now is a great time to reinvest in the facility so soon after Sochi. Renewed facilities here would be a fantastic legacy after the 2014 games and an investment in the future of the sports and tomorrows athletes...whatever the level.
Jon Beynon - Feb 2014
Rebuild and reopen.
Aaron Spinks - Feb 2014
it wont help me in anyway with Cairngorm nearby but its needed for our future freestyle athletes
Iain Maitland - Feb 2014
Would be awesome if they got the funding to create a snowdome rather then the old mess like slopes
Jan davies - Feb 2014
Rude not to
Duncan Worrell - Feb 2014
This facilty was one of the best in england, I had my first lesson here but how many future star will loose out if this is gone for good. Simply put the slope had things that the indoor domes simply could never build!
Michael Whittaker - Feb 2014
Sheffield ski village offers so much to the community please bring it back.
steve welsh - Feb 2014
I rode there for years and had some amazing times.
Alan Orgill - Feb 2014
Let it be
Bryce Redmond - Feb 2014
Bring back Sheffeild Ski Village as the UK's largest and BEST indoor ski centre!
Simon Wilkinson - Feb 2014
Long live SSV!
Joe Webster - Feb 2014
This is an absolute no brainer!!
Paul Barrett - Feb 2014
I used to love this dry slope
Guy - Feb 2014
save the ski village
Shane Kemp - Feb 2014
Jenny Jones got Bronze .let's better that.but we need the facilities; )
Stephen Cook - Feb 2014
It such a shame that the place a good proportion of the Olympic squad grew riding is gone, lets bring it back and make it better
Anthony Lock - Feb 2014
Great idea!
Ryan Diver - Feb 2014
Had some great times racing here
Alex Abbott - Feb 2014
we need facilities like this. too many kids these days think spending all night on a games console is a better alternative to socialising, getting fit and having some good old fashioned fun on the slopes.
Dave Charlton - Feb 2014
Snowsports isn't just about competitions, it's about having fun. Let's make it accessible for everyone.
Jennifer Gleadhall - Feb 2014
This is a great way to encourage youngsters to get involved in a great sport.
Graham Ayris - Feb 2014
An excellent idea and would be a great boost to the local area!
Daniel Versteeg - Feb 2014
An ideal moment to seize on the legacy of the winter games, and build a centre to hone our next generation of medal winners.
Henry Whelan - Feb 2014
Do it.
Tom Clinton - Feb 2014
bring back ski village
Oscar Monk - Feb 2014
Speaking as a skier from the age of three and as a BASI trained instructor, I believe Sheffield needs to regenerate it's once thriving snow sport scene.
Samuel Watson - Feb 2014
Hope this goes through, since we dont have many mountains we need top training facilities like these
Ash McCallum - Feb 2014
I'd love to see some snow sports facilities back on Sheffield, they've been greatly missed
Jake Monk - Feb 2014
Great idea there's some great stars come out of those slopes
Martin Jones - Feb 2014
Much needed facility for the UK
Irfhan Mirza - Feb 2014
please make this happen!
Craig Scrivener - Feb 2014
This is really a no brainer. Already known for this - re establishing Sheffiled Snowsport Centre would boosrt the area and snowsports in general in the UK.
Rob Needham - Feb 2014
As well as creating potential positive spillover effects from other high-level sporting facilities in Sheffield, renovation of the Ski Village would provide a much-needed economic boost to the local area where it is situated.
Chris Bollington - Feb 2014
Fantastic facilities back in the day and much better than our 'fridges' despite it being a dry slope.
craig gillanders - Feb 2014
Invest in the future.
Christopher James - Feb 2014
Sheffield people deserve the chance to use such facilities on our own door step without having to travel to other areas to use theirs
Lorraine Jackson - Feb 2014
This is a great idea. What plans are there to bring this to the attention of the council ?
Liam Spencer - Feb 2014
uk needs facilities that are fit for purpose
mike noonan - Feb 2014
This is so so important - I really hope this can happen. Good luck!
Jenny Dunn - Feb 2014
This hub of excellence needs to be rebuilt and improved upon to provide the opportunity for all the people inspired by team GBs brilliant performance at Sochi. How will we continue to evolve and develop the sport if our facilities fail to be improved and updated?
Ellis Hughes - Feb 2014
I learnt to ski and snowboard here, it was a good employer in the city, gave me training and kept me fit all the local schools used us and it didn't matter if you had money as for 6 hours voluntary you got to learn to ski/snowboard and learn so many valuable life skills.
Sarah cook - Feb 2014
I would like to see Sheffield re-established as the Snow sport Centre for the UK, providing open access for all, and provide a sustainable positive effect on the local community. Thank you
Ghasem - Feb 2014
What a fantastic idea, it was an awesome facility, and using the Woodwood model for developing athletes sounds promising, and a true "legacy" of investment in sport. Well done to all concerned.
Oliver Rees - Feb 2014
This is a great thing for uk ski and snowboard
Gerry sims - Feb 2014
I learned how to ski here back in 2006, I met some of my best friends here. It's been a hib for a long time and it should continue to be a hub for the great snowsports athleats that we have in the UK.
Kieran Donohoe - Feb 2014
Spent many a day at SSV when I was student in Sheffield, best of luck!
Rachel Botterill - Feb 2014
Bring back the Ski Village!
Tom Walton - Feb 2014
Sheffield ski village! Better vibe than any dome for sure.
Mark wainwright - Feb 2014
We need facilities like the a Snowsport centre for Sheffield to help encourage the next generation to partake in Snow sports and activities.
Jayne Ward - Feb 2014
The land needs to be used for snowsports use again!
Andy Mudge - Feb 2014
Why let Leeds area become more prominant than Sheffield. Invest for our youth
mike wigley - Feb 2014
Richard Taylor - Feb 2014
Get it sorted
Alex Treadwell - Feb 2014
Good luck
zoe brough - Feb 2014
Please get the ski village back running!
Miss R K Revill - Feb 2014
get Sheffield back on map
Felicity - Feb 2014
Let's get Sheffield skiing again! (and snowboarding)
Paul Jarman - Feb 2014
lucy brammer - Feb 2014
sam jones - Feb 2014
About time there was winter sports in Sheffield again.
Phil Howells - Feb 2014
We need it for our children and grandchildren,please give them the chance to shine through for Great Britain.
irene.hague - Feb 2014
Sheffields breeding of snowsport finatics has decreased over the last few years. Lets generate the interest and put GB in the race for gold medals every year
Ben robinson - Feb 2014
We need it for our children and grandchildren,please give them the chance to shine through for Great Britain.
irene.hague - Feb 2014
YES Please!!
Omar maniyani - Feb 2014
What a waste to see the state of the ski village now - especially after the Sochi sucesses.
Christopher Willan - Feb 2014
the UK badly needs a freestyle training facility (like Camp Woodward in the US) and Sheffield badly needs something to cater for extreme sports fans and to replace the terrible loss of the ski village. I miss SSV :(
Pete - Feb 2014
I would love to see it return to what it was as I spent a lot of time at the ski village and learnt to snowboard there. It's sad to see it in such a state to say Olympic riders use to go as kids.
Jonathan Smith - Feb 2014
So important to fight for things like this for our future generations
Louise Fenton - Feb 2014
Bring snowsport back to Sheffield
Charlie Hyde - Feb 2014
Look forward to a re-emergence
Martin Rescorle - Feb 2014
We need a snow center back in Sheffield
Andy Metcalfe - Feb 2014
Bring back the ski village!!
Charlotte Kiely - Feb 2014
I learned to ski in Sheffield as a teenager, i didn't get to ski on snow until i was in my 30's, but everything i learned wasn't wasted! It would be great to see a 'snowdome' constructed on that hillside! Realise the original dream...
Matt - Feb 2014
Loved the ski village, bring it back for the people who ride.
Charles Anthony Quinn - Feb 2014
Our 3 children learnt to ski at Sheffield - it gave them such confidence and a sense of achievement. It's a sacrilege that the site has been desecrated. Sheffield was synonymous with outdoor sport, it's facilities are being eroded slowly but surely.
Kerry brears - Feb 2014
My kids had many fun times at the ski village, it is vital to provide a range of options locally for kids. Who knows where future champions are and such a great way to have fun & relax in a world of ever increasing stress.
Rachel Habergham - Feb 2014
Good luck
Charlotte - Feb 2014
I would welcome the re introduction of facilities to further snow sports in Sheffield
Gillian Pearson - Feb 2014
my children are so excited about the winter olympics and i would love to give them opportunity to follow their dreams.
jenny Marshall - Feb 2014
Good luck
Joe rose - Feb 2014
This wud make me a better person !!! Boom !!
Elizabeth kitney - Feb 2014
Learnt to board whilst working behind the bar at the Village, had a fantastic community back then (around millenium). Be fantastic to get it back up and running properly again.
Paul Hampson - Feb 2014
Will be awesome to see this site back up and running! massive shame to see such a great facility go to waste
Gareth Jones - Feb 2014
Don't let today's vandals spoil opportunities for tomorrow's sport heros
Sarah Hill - Feb 2014
we want skiing back in Shaffield :)
claire mellars - Feb 2014
so many great people and times at what was SSV
DJ AndSolo - Feb 2014
Jamie Risner - Feb 2014
Let's create some future Olympic champions!
Kate Ebbutt - Feb 2014
A small, cheap dry slope is all we need. No big unsustainable project.
Brian Trevaskiss - Feb 2014
Make winter sports more accessible by supporting this
Jim Emery - Feb 2014
Some of my fondest memories were of time at the ski village, it shaped my life more than I could've thought possible.
Alex Crombie - Feb 2014
Sheffield is a sporting city we need this up snd running again.
Sarah Pearson - Feb 2014
Sheffield needs something! We are pulling down our Olympic legacy. I would love to see the Ski village or another winter sport facility in the city. The site is huge - imagine if we had an Xscape up there!
Victoria Cobley - Feb 2014
Would be amazing to see the ski village open again so everyone can have a chance to try winter sports and as part of Sheffield's wider reputation as a place of sporting excellence.
Martin Clist - Feb 2014
Sheffield needs this!
Andrew Clarke - Feb 2014
I was very disappointed when the ski village closed. I'm sure someone could make a go of it or something similar in Sheffield.
Michelle Smith - Feb 2014
Go go!
Johan Janssens - Feb 2014
As a keen snowboarder with 4 young children who are all aspiring young skiiers/boarders having this facility back in the city would be fantastic not only for myself but for a new generation of sportsmen and women
Holly - Feb 2014
I wholeheartedly support this
Gary O'Boy - Feb 2014
it was my home for many years and it was the place where I learnt to ski and enjoyed skiing at, it would be a shame for the future generations who wish to ski but can't find a local ski slope to go to that didnt take an hour or so to get to
Armani Nasser - Feb 2014
I, like so many others counted SSV as a second home growing up in Sheffield. I wholeheartedly welcome and support efforts at reinstating the Sheffied Snowsport Legacy.
Jonathan Greenstreet - Feb 2014
this needs to happen!
andy hodgson - Feb 2014
Help Sheffield be the home to the next Woodsy, provide somewhere for the uni teams to train, for local clubs to hold comps and local riders to have a great time without having to drive to Cas or Manchester! You know it makes sense and the site could hold an amazing ski slope.
Robert Marchand - Feb 2014
The winter Olympics were evidence enough that Sheffield's ski village has created a whole generation of world class performers. Come on SCC, get behind a rebuild!!
John Horscroft - Feb 2014
Please do this!!
Kelly Kershaw - Feb 2014
Help the forgotten City of Sport
Dorothy Walker - Feb 2014
Youth of today need more facilities to keep them usefully occupied and off the streets and more variety of sport facilities is the best way to help them.
Dennis Coath - Feb 2014
bring it back!!
bryn hawkins - Feb 2014
Let's do it!
Jagoda Bomba - Feb 2014
Bring it back!
Rob Stanford - Feb 2014
With the culture for outdoor sports so pervasive throughout Sheffield's cultural identity it is a travesty that we don't have a Snowsport Centre. I for one will certainly be a regular user of the facilites and will help in any way I can to ensure that we see the return of a Snowsport Centre to Sheffield.
Craaig Furniss - Feb 2014
Bring back the best U.K. Training facility
Simon Maynard's - Feb 2014
The council has failed to support the city in such cases for many a year. Time to put sheffield back on the map before it misses out entirely.
Robert Mooney - Feb 2014
Sheffield. City of Sport they say. Let's prove it!
Stefan Gallagher - Feb 2014
This is exactly what 'Olympic legacy' should be all about.
Tom Westgate - Feb 2014
A great facility, both of my children loved it, and went on to be great skiers, bring it back, so lots more kids get the opportunity to learn to ski
Jeanette Young - Feb 2014
It would be fantastic if such a facility were available again. Hopefully Sochi will have proved that artificial slopes in the UK are a great introduction into the sport.
Terri Danisevich - Feb 2014
Please signnn!!!
Bruce Lawson - Feb 2014
A brilliant atmosphere for young talent to learn thete dport and go forward to represent our country. Its hugely important that our children have an oppourtunity to learn and work in such ppsitive environment
Liam Evans - Feb 2014
The ski village is one of the main reasons I chose to go to university in Sheffield. If it goes, the city of 'sport' which has already lost Don Valley Stadium will fall even further backwards.
Anna Wrigglesworth - Feb 2014
The ski village site needs to be utilised. Sheffield should capitalise on its sporting potential and the enthusiasm of its residents.
Maxine Gregory - Feb 2014
Learnt to ski at Sheffield ski village and it was an essential building platform that I went on to compete for GB at World Cup and World Championships in Halfpipe!
Becky Hammond - Feb 2014
To let Sheffield Ski Village die will be like taking a piece of Sheffield history with it. I spend many hours of my youth learning to ski there and my kids we're doing the same - Sheffield prides itself as an outdoor city and the Ski village was a big part of this.
Lucy Sibbald - Feb 2014
Even if you are not a snow sport fan this is a great thing for sheffield.
Liz Clare - Feb 2014
Yet another great way to involve in sport, wasted
Neill barraclough - Feb 2014
Bring Back SSV
Harry Quartermain - Feb 2014
bring back sheffield ski village!!!!!!
daniel smith - Feb 2014
plwase pleade
rob brown - Feb 2014
Keep it
Mike Jones - Feb 2014
bring snow sports back to sheffield so we can raise champions again!
jim ellis - Feb 2014
Bring it back for future Olympians
Mike cousins - Feb 2014
Snow power to the North.
Yvonne Sommer - Feb 2014
This is a very worthwhile cause
Michael Allcock - Feb 2014
For any sport to progress people need places to practice and develop their craft. Sheffield Ski Village has the potential to be both a financial and cultural asset to the city and surrounding areas. A decision not to redevelop the current site is a decision to sacrifice the potential talent of many young people who are yet to even try the sport. The way I see it, while it is disappointing that the Ski Village currently lies in ruin on the hill side, the massive support this cause is getting is so positive. Respect to everyone who's involved at whatever level!
James Allcock - Feb 2014
For three years I came to the ski village with the uni snow-sports clubs to practise and race for comps, throw ridiculous shapes off the corner kicker (mostly not landing) onto the white slidey carpet that once lined the epic park area of ssv. I went not only for a good ride but for a great social snd chsnce to meet other like minder snow/carpet enthusiasts. A delight that made my uni experience, why can't future generations get this too? Sheffield Ski Village is a proven Olympic training ground. Get this mother back on the slopes!
Rob weitz - Feb 2014
A dry slope offers so much more than a fridge! It offers SPACE. the ski village should never applied for a roof and fridge it should have applied to be bigger. There's actually a lot more hill that could be developed and made into a diverse exciting and changeable slope style area.
Duane Marshall - Feb 2014
Seems a bit rubbish actually guys. What are the details? Don't want that horrible carpet back.
James Edlington - Feb 2014
This place played a massive part if my life would be a huge shame to see it gone for good. Really need to be brought back to life to future generations a safe place to grow, enjoy and make something of them selves. So many great oppertunities lay waiting on the side if that hill it's time sheffield took hold of them to create something amazing.
Sam Wilson - Feb 2014
Sheffield Ski Village was an asset to the city and offered so many opportunities and positive experiences to so many people, it would be great to see it return better than ever.
Charlotte Mary - Feb 2014
Miss this place, met so many great people here.
Heather Shaw - Feb 2014
Sheffield let the excellent snow dome project slip away...SSV was always a slope producing superb skiwers and boarders..who with better funding and guidance could have competed at the top has history..and the winter olympics have clearly shown how good the uk dry slope skiers and boarders are ..what could they and up and coming youngsters achieve with a state of the art training facility...and poss an ice climbing venue ..after all sheffield is a world renown climbing destination too.
graham sutton - Feb 2014
Sad to see it in the state it's in at the moment. Such a waste!
Gemma MacDonald - Feb 2014
Bring back SSV. Love the place always will. Please sign xxx
Jess Roche - Feb 2014
As a regular user of the Sheffield Ski Village, I find it sad that Sheffield has been surpassed by Wakefield, Tamworth and now Manchester in providing snow sport facilities
Dave Buttery - Feb 2014
Sheffield Snowsports Center was the Jewel in british snowsports. The right length to hold national races, Vavied terain for freestyle including a water ramp, A national center of excellence, had some lottery funding. It is sickening what has been allowed to happen to this facility. It is needed to be re instated.
Rohan Morris - Feb 2014
It's time that the old SSv site was saved from dereliction and possible housing development and turned back into a sporting facility that the city can be proud of.
simon clark - Feb 2014
We've the best hill inside a city anywhere in the UK. Time to restore our city's snow sport heritage for the next generation.
Al Churcher - Feb 2014
my introduction to snow sports, too much potential to lose
Jules - Feb 2014
Big shame what happened to SSV. Lots of good memories and a constantly clicking thumb thanks to that place.
Chris St John - Feb 2014
Bring it back!
Rachel Smith - Feb 2014
Sheffield is a great place to have a centre for winter sports development as people could work with the universities in the city to create a world class winter sports program.
Carl Winsor - Feb 2014
Ski facilities as well as job opportunities for Sheffield
Helen Wilson - Feb 2014
Sheffield Snow facilities changed my direction in life lets get it back
Andy George - Feb 2014
Bring back the ski village and the facilities it offered to those who could not afford the luxury of overseas snow.
James Coath - Feb 2014
We can't let this opportunity pass!!
Saskia Roetschke - Feb 2014
Yeahh get a fridge built
Kirsty Downing - Feb 2014
need to be rebuilt I sent 6 years of my life going they it was brilliant!
grace throssell - Feb 2014
Got to have the opportunities to find the natural talent
Martin Telford - Feb 2014
The Ski Village was an intregral part of my experience of being a student in Sheffield and it is sorely missed.
Alex Hocken - Feb 2014
Angus Patterson - Feb 2014
Yes, please.
Phil Vintin - Feb 2014
If the ski village isn't replaced, kids will never develope into winter Olympians!
Oliver Farr - Feb 2014
Sheffield Ski Village was such an amazing venue and influential part of my life. It was tragic to see it go - it must be brought back.
Max Coppock - Feb 2014
Please bring it back
David Liddiard - Feb 2014
bring back the ski village and put snow on it
mark edlington - Feb 2014
Bring back alpine skiing to Sheffield!
Roland Allatt - Feb 2014
Sheffield has proved it is able to provide the personalities to excel at let's have the facilities please.
Jean Lonsdale - Feb 2014
a must keep facility
dan Beighton - Feb 2014
i learned to snowboard in the 90s at sheffield ski village and the impact this had on the rest of my life was massive in a positive way. Snowboarding is a lifestyle and a healthy one at that. Please give todays young people of sheffield the same opportunity i had. We have 7 natural hills, we should use them.
Verity - Feb 2014
how can we have winter Olympic medalists with no facilities!
hilary Mitchell - Feb 2014
Please bring back the Ski-Village to its former glory. I learned to ride a snowboard there as did many of my friends and we absolutely loved being up there. Made so many amazing friends to from learning to ride.
Richard Meftah - Feb 2014
Hopefully we will see this back as it was if not better after seeing the fantastic results in the winter olympics by team GB
robert greensmith - Feb 2014
I was lucky enough to learn to ski at SSV aged 3 and then teach & coach there later in life before moving out to the alps to work with ski brands. Bringing any kind of facility to teach the next geration on Woodsys, Machons, Longleys and Summerhayes' back to sheffield is the best idea I have seen in ages. And bonus, you already have a great knowledge base of young coaches based in sheffield who have experience at the top level of the sport representing the country. Because of this, even after SSV burnt down, the home of UK snowsports never changed from being Sheffield.
Steve Walton - Feb 2014
Should never have got in the run down state in the first place. A new centre of excellence with more activities is a must.
John wyke - Feb 2014
The North needs a premier outdoor Snowsports facility again. We need to be training tomorrow's Olympians now!
Kevin Edwards - Feb 2014
The our future Olympians
Lucy Ferguson - Feb 2014
Most other sports have centers of excellence why not skiing
Michael Theaker - Feb 2014
Appropriate given the strength of recent Winter Olympics
Simon mcinerney - Feb 2014
We need a permanent place for freestyle to be practised and indoor slopes cannot achieve this.
James Fuller - Feb 2014
The SSV was my 2nd home from the first time I skied there. It was my favourite place to be anywhere, it was perfect.
Jack cripplso - Feb 2014
WE LOVE SHEFFIELD AND WE LOVE SNOW! Bring ski village back!
Elizabeth Marshall - Feb 2014
I fully endorse this initiative, and strongly believe it could bring a boost to the local economy whilst providing a facility for keen sports people in the Sheffield area
James Taylor - Feb 2014
this was the place i learned to board without it i would never been able to enjoy snowbaording as much as i do know
jonathan copeman - Feb 2014
It is what Sheffield needs to keep youth positively occupied, attract people help the economy. (I used to drive from Manchester)
Nicola Griffiths - Feb 2014
The SSV was hugely influencial for me when I first came to uni, it helped me better my snowsports skills and it'd be a terrible waste of a brilliant establishment to let it see rot, please bring it back!
Joe Corby - Feb 2014
I'd love to see the ski village restored to its former glory. It'd be a great place to take my kids to learn the skills I learnt and love to ski !!
James Thompson - Feb 2014
Unfortunate that we lost this facility five olimpians in team gb at Sochi learned and trained at this facility
Connor Fyfe Jones - Feb 2014
Open it again people need it
Giorgio Fabio De Giuseppe - Feb 2014
Let's get this thing moving
Bob T - Feb 2014
Is this not what the 2012 Olympic legacy was all about. We have aleady lost our key athletics stadium
Nicholas Blaney - Feb 2014
Simple. Really good memories of snowboarding at the ski village. Fantastic vibe, fantastic facility. Love love to ride there again.
Ricky - Feb 2014
Loved ssv! Was my fave place
Charlotte Hague - Feb 2014
Bring back the Ski Village!
Andy Tarr - Feb 2014
Looking forward to a new establishment in Sheffield to support local businesses
Beth Vickers - Feb 2014
John Gillett - Feb 2014
It's so sad to see the Ski Village in its current state. A valuable and much loved venue by aspiring Olympians and those who just loved it for fun. Bring it back, bigger and better! I too met lifelong friends there, including my husband, and would love to see my children use the facilities in the future.
Victoria Williams - Feb 2014
Sheffield is the cultural city for life, turning seeds into reality to allow us to flow and grow through life at the pinnacle of next generation sports.
Darren Bristow - Feb 2014
Sheffield ski village is too good of a resource, not only to the surrounding area but also too future hopefull athletes alike.
Chris Armstrong - Feb 2014
viva la ski village
sarah boycott - Feb 2014
bring skiing back to sheffield
mrs seifert - Feb 2014
Let's get this sorted
Nick Hoare - Feb 2014
Sheffield Ski Village changed my life when I was at a very low point. I learnt to snowboard there, developed my love of the sport, met so many fantastic people, some of who are lifelong friends and one who is now my husband, and had so many great times. I watched and aspired to those Olympic snowboarders and skiers who have just done us proud in Sochi. It wasn't just a sports centre, it was a way of life for many including myself. And I hoped that one day I would take my kids there too. Well fingers crossed by the time our baby's due the Snowsport Centre will be up and running, or at lesat in the process of being developed. Us and generations to come need facilities like this!!!
Zoe Gell - Feb 2014
I do not know how you have the cheek
Alice Gilbert - Feb 2014
Future Olympians, tackling obesity, giving people access to amazing sports, raising Sheffield's profile... The reasons why this is a great idea go on and on!
Frank Reardon - Feb 2014
Let's do it
Chris Ball - Feb 2014
We are supposed to be Cory of Sport! Sheffield City council need to be ashamed of theirselves! When are they going to stop wasting money instead of creating wealth for our City? We are one of the biggest Cities in UK., I believe the 5th? How come Castleford has an indoor slope which has created loads of jobs and footfall and everything Sheffield had has been closed down? including the magnificent Sports Stadium, which incidentally you and I are probably still paying for! Ok Rant over ... What good it will do :/ !!
Dianne Green - Feb 2014
bring back the ski village!
alex - Feb 2014
This is a must. Such a waste to not get it going again.
David mendhan - Feb 2014
I know all the kids who were in the Olympics ,and have skied ate the Sheffield ski village for 16 yrs!!
Gloria law - Feb 2014
lets get the ball rolling
sean roche - Feb 2014
Please build the ski village again bigger and better then it ever was beforehand. And would do anything to help
Andrew Allison - Feb 2014
This needs to happen, it's important to so many people and it can be an inspiration to so many others.
Jennifer Noriega - Feb 2014
Olympic dreams start here!
Duncan Lock - Feb 2014
Sheffield needs a ski slope, run by winter sports enthusiasts who are motivated by the progression of the various winter sports and inclusion for everyone
Tom Twelvetree - Feb 2014
really hope this is successful!
steve cart - Feb 2014
Let's see this happen. A worthwhile cause and will undoubtedly put Sheffield on the map as a destination for sport facilities, lacking in other cities.
Paul Duffus - Feb 2014
It's part of our heritage!
Kathryn - Feb 2014
A snowsport venue returning to Sheffield is viable and much needed!
Rachel Skinner - Feb 2014
Having produced 3 freestyle competitors at this years Winter Olympics it's outrageous that there is no facilities for the next generation in sheffield
Farley grist - Feb 2014
Lets get this going!
beau - Feb 2014
giesela Hawthorne-Slater - Feb 2014
Let's put sheffield back on the map for winter sports
Helen Beever - Feb 2014
It would be great to make the most of our hills and build an indoor slope on them!
Craig Russell - Feb 2014
sarah gillatt - Feb 2014
Here's to the day snowsports return to Sheffield!
Lee Eastwood - Feb 2014
As a Sheffield snowboarder I fully support this!
Jeff Ingram - Feb 2014
Bring back Ssv
Dale Hicklin - Feb 2014
Sheffield needs it's ski/snowboard facilities back, in my humble opinion it was the greatest leisure asset Sheffield has ever had.
Andy Bott - Feb 2014
Bring back SSV!
Clare Winsor - Feb 2014
Make Sheffield snow sports capital in GB :)
Claire preston - Feb 2014
Bring back ski village it is great asset to Sheffield
Maryrose Shearme - Feb 2014
Yes yes yes!!
Carly Cotton - Feb 2014
we need to bring the ski village back to let the next generation create the memories we all hold in our hearts
jo Mallinder - Feb 2014
Bring back snowsports to sheffield, help to inspire future generations with fun and fulfilling physical activities, healthy lifestyles that motivate and instil confidence, whilst aso developing social skills and understanding.
Nathan Craig - Feb 2014
The Sheffield Olympians have been a huge inspiration to a number of 10&11yr olds. They're missing out massively on an opportunity to have a go and possibly shine at Snowsports as the closest centre is beyond their means! There are hundreds just like them...Let's put Sheffield back on the map!
Karen Bister - Feb 2014
It was an inspiration for many and a massive loss ...
Iain Hodgson - Feb 2014
Loved working with so many different people and teaching them so they could share my passion bring it back
Matthew Owen jones - Feb 2014
Olympian training ground that's all the proof you need
Paul ferguson - Feb 2014
The Sheffield ski village is where it all began for me over 15 yrs ago since then I became a snowboard instructor and watched all the people in the GB Olympics come through the ranks as kids. Bring Back Sheffield Ski Village
Nicola Parfitt - Feb 2014
Bring it back, To many good riders have come from there.
Richard wILFORD - Feb 2014
Miss working at the ski village so much
Lauren Sayles - Feb 2014
Would be great for the city to get the ski village up and running again.
Lucy Williamson - Feb 2014
Ol Cotton - Feb 2014
Many happy hours were had at the village, keep it there so folk can have many more :)
Geraint Radford - Feb 2014
The loss of the Sheffield Ski Village has left a hole which needs to be filled. Great work.
Rhys Cooper - Feb 2014
Kept me off the streets and gave me the chance to see some amazing places and meet some amazing people. The ski industry is worth millions, why not introduce our youngsters to jobs and the chance to excel in sport?!
craig guest - Feb 2014
What a great cause to get some sport back into sheffield and after recent Olympics where team GB made an impact. Let's get some home grown athletes from sheffield back on the map with up and coming youngsters
Rachel parker - Feb 2014